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稿 gǎo jiàn piece of writing submitted for publication / manuscript / article
 cǎo grass / straw / manuscript / draft (of a document) / careless / rough / CL:棵[ke1],撮[zuo3],株[zhu1],根[gen1]
稿 wén gǎo manuscript / article (in newspaper) / draft
稿 gǎo zi draft of a document / script / manuscript / mental plan / precedent
稿 shǒu gǎo manuscript / script
稿 yuán gǎo manuscript / original copy
稿 gǎo běn manuscript (of a book etc) / sketch (of a design etc)
稿 gǎo manuscript / draft / stalk of grain
稿 fā gǎo (of a publisher) to send a manuscript off to the printer / (of a journalist) to send a dispatch
稿 shū gǎo manuscript of a book
 zhuō zuò my unworthy manuscript (humble expr.) / my humble writing
 shǒu chāo běn manuscript copy of a book (before the printing press)
稿 tuō gǎo to complete a draft / to put out a manuscript
稿 yí gǎo surviving manuscript / bequeathed draft (of book)
稿 gǎi gǎo to revise a manuscript
稿 dǎ gǎo zi to produce a draft manuscript
稿 zhuō gǎo my unworthy manuscript (humble expr.) / my humble writing
 zhuō zhù my unworthy writing (humble expr.) / my worthless manuscript
稿 shī gǎo verse manuscript
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