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 piàn duàn section / fragment / segment
 suì piàn chip / fragment / splinter / tatter
 piàn duàn fragment (of speech etc) / extract (from book etc) / episode (of story etc)
 suì kuài fragment
 pò piàn fragment / shard
 duàn piàn fragment / piece / (of a film) to break in the middle of viewing
 bàn petal / segment / clove (of garlic) / piece / section / fragment / valve / lamella / classifier for pieces, segments etc
 jī fragment / salted vegetables / spices
 zhǐ piàn a piece, scrap or fragment of paper
 chá fault / glass fragment / quarrel
 liè biàn suì piàn fission fragment
 cán běn extant fragment (of book)
  non-detectable fragment
  Fragment Slowdown Equation
  detectable fragment
  self-forming fragment / self-forging fragment
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