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 jì huà plan / project / program / to plan / to map out / CL:個|个[ge4],項|项[xiang4]
 fāng àn plan / program (for action etc) / proposal / proposed bill / CL:個|个[ge4],套[tao4]
 guī huà to plan (how to do sth) / planning / plan / program
 jié mù program / item (on a program) / CL:臺|台[tai2],個|个[ge4],套[tao4]
 lán mù regular column or segment (in a publication or broadcast program) / program (TV or radio)
 gāng lǐng program (i.e. plan of action) / guiding principle
 biān chéng (computing) to program / programming
 chéng shì form / pattern / formula / program
 dà gāng synopsis / outline / program / leading principles
 qǔ mù repertoire / program / song / piece of music
 bào mù announce the items on a (theatrical) program
 gāng head rope of a fishing net / guiding principle / key link / class (taxonomy) / outline / program
 chéng xù xìng program
 hé wǔ qì yán zhì jì huà nuclear weapons (manufacturing) program
 yìng yòng chéng shì application / (computer) program
 chéng xù procedures / sequence / order / computer program
 kè chéng course / academic program / CL:堂[tang2],節|节[jie2],門|门[men2]
 zhuān tí specific topic (addressed by a book, lecture, TV program etc) / article, report or program etc on a specific topic
 chū tái to officially launch (a policy, program etc) / to appear on stage / to appear publicly / (of a bar girl) to leave with a client
 zhǔ chí to take charge of / to manage or direct / to preside over / to uphold / to stand for (justice etc) / to host (a TV or radio program etc) / (TV) anchor
 kǎo yán to sit an entrance exam for a graduate program
 diǎn bō webcast / to request item for broadcast on radio program / dibble seeding / spot seeding
 bō chū to broadcast / to air (a TV program etc)
 diàn shì jié mù television program
 tíng jī (of a machine) to stop / to shut down / to park a plane / to finish shooting (a TV program etc) / to suspend a phone line / (of a prepaid mobile phone) to be out of credit
 dà jì large scale program of lasting importance / project of paramount importance / to think big / annual national audit
 míng tang item (in a program of entertainments) / trick (act of mischief) / worthwhile result / accomplishment / sth significant but not immediately apparent / sth more than meets the eye
 dàng qī slot within a schedule / timeslot (for a TV program, a session with a photographer etc) / range of dates in which an event is to be held (film screening, exhibition etc)
 zhī jiào program bringing education to underdeveloped areas / to work in such a program
 qín gōng jiǎn xué to work part time while studying / work-study program
 chéng kòng jiāo huàn jī electronic switching system (telecom.) / stored program control exchange (SPC)
 liáng piào coupons for food or grain used in a PRC economic program c. 1955-1993
 bǐ sài xiàng mù sporting event / item on program of sports competition
广 guǎng bō jié mù radio program / broadcast schedule
 bàn gōng bàn dú part work, part study / work-study program
 Lián hé guó Kāi fā Jì huà shǔ United Nations Development Program
 yā zhòu xì next-to-last item on a program (theater) / climax
 dǎng gāng (political) party platform / party program
 yào tú main plan / important program
 zhèng gāng political program / platform
 bǎi nián shù rén It takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man (idiom) / fig. a good education program takes a long time to develop / cf. 十年樹木,百年樹人|十年树木,百年树人
 bìng xíng chéng xù parallel program
 chéng shì guǎn lǐ yuán program manager (Windows)
 jìn xíng biān chéng executable program
 Shí yóu Huàn Shí pǐn Xiàng mù Iraq Oil for Food Program
 shì pín jié mù video program
 shì jiè liáng shi shǔ World food program (United Nations aid agency)
 gòng tóng gāng lǐng common program / formal program of the communist party after 1949, that served as interim national plan
 shí nián shù mù , bǎi nián shù rén It takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man (idiom). A good education program takes a long time to develop.
 Aī ěr lǎng gēn gāng lǐng Felix Klein's Erlangen program (1872) on geometry and group theory
 Dà Méi gōng hé cì qū yù hé zuò Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), economic cooperation program between China and Vietnam
 ān qīn bān after-school program (Tw)
 Cháo xiǎn hé tán talks on North Korea's nuclear program
 tǒng yī guī huà integrated program
 Lián hé guó Huán jìng Guī huà shǔ United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
 xíng dòng fāng àn program of action
 xíng dòng gāng lǐng action plan / program of action
 diàn zǐ wěn dìng chéng xù (automotive) electronic stability program (ESP)
  application program interface
  Program for the Advancement of Commercial Technology
 shāng yè néng yuán yán jiū fāng àn Program for Commercial Energy Research
 guó jì rén quán shí xí fāng àn International Human Rights Internship Program
  Women in Peacebuilding Network / Women in Peacebuilding Program
  Booster Program for Malaria Control in Africa / World Bank Malaria Booster Program
  Multi-Country Demobilization and Reintegration Program
  Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program
  Program Review Board
·  Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft - South East Asia Program Office
  Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program
  Kecamatan Development Program
12步  12 Step Program
 juān liú fāng àn Trickle Up Program
  Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
  Biospheric Monitoring and Disease Prediction Program
 lián hé duō gōng néng fāng àn Joint Multipurpose Program
  Seafarers' Assistance Program
 gòng tòng yuàn jǐng fāng àn Shared Vision Program
  Program for the Introduction and Adaptation of Contraceptive Technology
  Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program
  Nile Basin Initiative Strategic Action Program
  Subsidiary Action Program
  Biodiversity Support Program
 miǎn yīn wān qū yù fāng àn Gulf of Maine Area Program
·  Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics
 sān běi fáng hù lín Green Wall of China, a massive afforestation program on the eastern margin of the Gobi Desert aimed at stopping the desert's expansion, started in 1978 and planned to be completed by 2050
  staff-monitored program / fund-monitored program
  staff-monitored program / fund-monitored program
  Survey of Income and Program Participation
 tài yáng néng wèi xīng fāng àn Solar Power Satellite Program
  Human Rights Education Program for Women
  Intelsat Assistance and Development Program
  Space Human Factors Program
  International Solar-Terrestial Physics Program
  Fifth Dimension Program
  WHO Global Influenza Programme / Global Influenza Program
  WHO Global Influenza Programme / Global Influenza Program
屿  Pacific Islands Development Program
  International Year of the Family Patron Cities Program
  Regional Environmental Reconstruction Program for South Eastern Europe
  Refugee Housing Program
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