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 shēng diào tone / note / a tone (on a Chinese syllable) / CL:個|个[ge4]
便 biàn tiáo (informal) note / CL:張|张[zhang1],個|个[ge4]
 bèi zhù remark / note
 fù zhù note / annotation
 yīn fú (music) note / phonetic component of a Chinese character / phonetic symbol / phonogram
 jì to record / to note / to memorize / to remember / mark / sign / classifier for blows, kicks, shots
 àn yǔ note / comment
 zhù to register / to annotate / note / comment
 yīn sound / noise / note (of musical scale) / tone / news / syllable / reading (phonetic value of a character)
 jiǎn card / note / letter / old variant of 揀|拣[jian3]
 zhá thin piece of wood used a writing tablet (in ancient China) / a kind of official document (in former times) / letter / note / plague
 yīn fú shí zhí note
便 biàn qiān note / memo / CL:張|张[zhang1],個|个[ge4]
 shuō tiě memorandum / note (i.e. written statement)
 kàn dào see (that) / note
 zhù yì to take note of / to pay attention to
 liú yì to be mindful / to pay attention to / to take note of
 piào jù negotiable instrument (draft, note etc) / voucher / receipt
 bèi kǎo (an appendix, note etc) for reference
 zhù jiě to annotate / annotation / comment / interpretation / to explain with notes / explanatory note
 yí shū posthumous writing / testament / suicide note / ancient literature
 zhì xiè expression of gratitude / to give thanks / a thank-you note / acknowledgement
 zì tiáo brief note
 tiáo zi short note / slip of paper / stripe / (slang) cop / (old) prostitute
 yuè yīn musical note / tone
 jiǎ chāo counterfeit money / forged note
 sǐ wáng bǐ jì Death note (Japanese: デスノート), translation of cult manga series by author ŌBA Tsugumi 大場鶇|大场鸫[Da4 chang3 Dong1] (pen-name) and illustrator OBATA Takeshi 小畑健[Xiao3 tian2 Jian4]
 běn piào cashier's check / promissory note
 zhào huì a diplomatic note / letter of understanding or concern exchanged between governments
 míng chá to note clearly / to perceive
 tōng dié diplomatic note
 shāng commerce / merchant / dealer / to consult / 2nd note in pentatonic scale / quotient (as in 智商[zhi4 shang1], intelligence quotient)
 qī piào promissory note / IOU
 jià tiáo leave of absence request (from work or school) / excuse note / CL:張|张[zhang1]
 dǎ bái tiáo to write an IOU or promissory note
 jué role (theater) / to compete / ancient three legged wine vessel / third note of pentatonic scale
 gōng palace / temple / castration (as corporal punishment) / first note in pentatonic scale
 chě one of the characters used to represent a musical note in gongche notation, 工尺譜|工尺谱[gong1 che3 pu3]
 yǔ feather / 5th note in pentatonic scale
 zhēng 4th note in pentatonic scale
 zhǐ 4th note in pentatonic scale 五音[wu3 yin1], roughly sol / see also 徵|征[zheng1]
 huí tiáo receipt / note acknowledging receipt
 bìng jià tiáo sick note / medical certificate for sick leave
 míng yuán young lady of note / debutante
 jué mìng shū suicide note
 bā fēn yīn fú quaver / eighth note
·  OHBA Tsugumi (pen-name), author of cult series Death Note 死亡筆記|死亡笔记
·  OBATA Takeshi, manga artist, illustrator of cult series Death Note 死亡筆記|死亡笔记
便 fāng biàn tiē Post-it note / sticky note
 zuì dī yīn lowest voice / lowest pitch / lowest note
 zuì gāo yīn highest voice / highest pitch / highest note
 yán zhě wú zuì , wén zhě zú jiè don't blame the speaker, take note of his warning (idiom) / an exhortation to speak one's mind without fear of reprisals, and with the expectation of being taken seriously
 biàn zhǐ zhī shēng modified fifth note of the pentatonic scale
 yīn jí a note on a musical scale
 yīn cháng sound duration / length of a musical note
 yù qī shōu rù piào jù revenue anticipation note (RAN, financing)
 Xiǎo tián Jiàn OBATA Takeshi, manga artist, illustrator of cult series Death Note 死亡筆記|死亡笔记[si3 wang2 bi3 ji4]
 fú dòng lì lu:4 piào jù floating-rate note
  Handover Note
  horizontal note
  note of protest
  Guidance Note on Gender Mainstreaming
  Note on International Protection
  joint information note
  Guidance Note of the Secretary-General on Democracy / Guidance Note on Democracy
便  note issuance facilities
 wú xī piào jù non-interest-bearing note
  technical advisory note
  explanatory note
  consignment note for international rail transport
  background paper / background note
 jiāo yì suǒ jiāo yì zhài quàn exchange traded note
  Technical Note for Mine Action
  note to file
  Information Note on Refugee Children
  information note
  interpretative note
  flip-flop note / flip-flop bond
  floating-rate note
  Note on Certain Aspects of Sexual Violence against Refugee Women
  country information note
  Note of Guidance on Integrated Missions
  Country Strategy Note
  note verbale
 Dà chǎng Dōng OHBA Tsugumi (pen-name), author of cult series Death Note 死亡筆記|死亡笔记[si3 wang2 bi3 ji4]
 lián dòng zhài structured note (finance)
便 biàn lì tiē sticky note
 Lì tiē Post-It note (3M trademark)
 běn wèi yīn (music) natural note
 biàn huà yīn (music) accidental (a note foreign to the key signature)
 biān zhù editor's note
 zì tiě piece of paper with short note / short letter
 zì tiě r piece of paper with short note / short letter
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