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 shōu jù receipt / CL:張|张[zhang1]
 píng zhèng proof / certificate / receipt / voucher
 piào jù negotiable instrument (draft, note etc) / voucher / receipt
 tōng zhī dān notification / notice / ticket / receipt
 huí zhí receipt (written acknowledgement of receipt of an item)
 xiǎo piào receipt / banknote of small denomination
 shōu tiáo receipt
 huí tiáo receipt / note acknowledging receipt
 huí dān receipt
 shōu xiàng receipt
 fā piào invoice / receipt or bill for purchase
 kāi piào to open ballot boxes / to count votes / to make out a voucher or invoice etc / to write out a receipt
 jiè tiáo receipt for a loan / IOU
 jiè jù receipt for a loan
 cún tuō píng zhèng depository share / depository receipt (DR)
 jiè dān receipt for a loan / written confirmation of a debt / IOU
 jiè dān r receipt for a loan / written confirmation of a debt / IOU
 jiè zì r IOU / receipt for a loan
 zhàn dān cargo receipt / landing account / warehouse or storage receipt / CL:張|张[zhang1]
 Měi guó Cún tuō Píng zhèng American depository receipt (ADR)
 yù tuō zhèng quàn depository receipt (DR, in share dealing)
 xiàn jīn shōu rù cash receipt
  cash receipt voucher
  receipt voucher
 xíng chéng dān (e-ticket) itinerary receipt
 kuǎn dào fā huò dispatch upon receipt of payment
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