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 zhèng míng proof / certificate / identification / testimonial / CL:個|个[ge4] / to prove / to testify / to confirm the truth of
 zhèng jù evidence / proof / testimony
 lùn zhèng to prove a point / to expound on / to demonstrate or prove (through argument) / proof
 píng to lean against / to rely on / on the basis of / no matter (how, what etc) / proof
 píng zhèng proof / certificate / receipt / voucher
 zuǒ zhèng evidence / proof / to confirm / corroboration
 zhèng certificate / proof / to prove / to demonstrate / to confirm / variant of 症[zheng4]
 xiǎo yàng galley proof (printing) / unimpressive / (coll.) little guy (mild insult also used as an affectionate term)
 qiú zhèng to seek proof / to seek confirmation
 fáng cháo damp proof / moisture proof / protection against tides
 shí zhèng actual proof / concrete evidence / empirical
 zhèng míng wén jiàn identification document / documentary proof
 shēn fèn zhèng míng ID card / proof of identity
 nài fǔ shí proof against corrosion
 fáng méi rot proof / resistance to rot
 míng zhèng clear proof
 jǔ zhèng zé rèn burden of proof
 tiě zhèng ironclad evidence / conclusive proof
 què zhèng to prove / to confirm / to corroborate / convincing proof
 hǔ fú tiger tally (a two-piece object made in the shape of a tiger, used in ancient China as proof of authority. One half of a tally could be issued to a military officer and this would be matched with the other half when verification was required.)
 zhēn píng shí jù reliable evidence (idiom) / conclusive proof / definitive evidence
 wú zhēng bù xìn without proof one can't believe it (idiom)
穿 nài chuān durable / proof against wear and tear
 dé zhèng to obtain a proof / Q.E.D.
 zhèng míng lì probative value / strength of evidence in legal proof / relevance
 gài niàn yàn zhèng proof of concept
  Convention for the reciprocal recognition of proof marks on small arms
  splinter proof shelter / splinter / fragment proof shelter
  proof house
  Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms
  clearance failure ratio / clearance-to-failure ratio / proof factor
  clearance failure ratio / clearance-to-failure ratio / proof factor
  proof process / weapon proofing
  proof mark
  tamper proof mark
 zhèng míng wán bì QED / end of proof (math.)
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