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 zhèng míng proof / certificate / identification / testimonial / CL:個|个[ge4] / to prove / to testify / to confirm the truth of
 biàn shí identification / to identify / to recognize
 yàn míng zhèng shēn to identify / to verify sb's identity / identification
 zhèng míng wén jiàn identification document / documentary proof
 Guó jiā Wén wù Jiàn dìng Wěi yuán huì National Commission for the Identification of Cultural Heritage
 shè pín shí bié radio-frequency identification (RFID)
 shēn fèn shí bié kǎ identification card / ID card
 fáng kōng shí bié qū air defence identification zone
  identification procedure
  identification centre
  Identification Commission
  Pass and Identification Unit
  identification friend or foe
  Automatic Identification System
  Automated Fingerprint Identification System / AFIS system
  station identification
 shēn fèn zhèng fù wù qì identification server
 zhèng jiàn fù wù qì identification server
  identification of the population
  identification friend or foe procedures / IFF procedures
  Victim Recovery and Identification Commission
 kě xuǎn bàn fǎ què rèn fāng àn Options Identification Programme
  Species Identification and Data Programme
 dú pǐn jiàn dìng bāo drug identification kit
 què dìng xìng jiàn dìng unambiguous identification / unequivocal identification
  Taxpayer Identification Number
  Standard Specifications for the Marking and Identification of Fishing Vessels
  malicious call identification
  Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  Business Register Identification Number / Business Register Identifier
  Business Register Identification Number / Business Register Identifier
  Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods identification number
  identification friend or foe personal identifier
  satellite Pass and Identification Office
  identification mark / identifying marking
  import identification regime for diamonds
  Needs Identification Survey in New and Emerging Technologies
  Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System
  Global Risk Identification Programme
  assistant district leader, Identification Commission
  District leader, Identification Commission
  customer identification
  manufacturer identification
  identification and tracing machinery
  voter identification
  Expert Group on the Identification of Principles of International Law for Sustainable Development
  Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii
  long-range identification and tracking of ships
  task identification number
  identification process
  National Commission for the Supervision of Identification
  National Identification Office
  planning and project identification mission
  Field Drug Identification Kit
 chuàn hào identification number / IMEI
 bā gāng biàn zhèng pattern-syndrome identification based on the eight principles (TCM)
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