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 yīn jié syllable
 yīn sound / noise / note (of musical scale) / tone / news / syllable / reading (phonetic value of a character)
 zhōu syllable
 yùn mǔ medial and final of a Chinese syllable (excluding initial consonant and tone) / the rhyming part of a Chinese syllable / rhyme / vowel / character used in traditional phonetics to indicate value of rhyme / final sound / phoneme
 wěi yīn final sound of a syllable / rhyme (e.g. in European languages)
 yùn beautiful sound / appeal / charm / vowel / rhyme / in Chinese phonetics, the medial and final sound of a syllable (i.e. excluding the initial consonant)
 lu:è shí zhī wú semiliterate / only knows words of one syllable / lit. to know only 之[zhi1] and 無|无[wu2]
 bì yīn jié closed syllable
 zhōng shēng medial (i.e. middle vowel of a syllable in Asian phonetics)
 chū shēng initial (i.e. initial consonant of a syllable in Asian phonetics)
 wěi zhuì final syllable
 yā píng shēng yùn to restrict to even tone (i.e. final rhyming syllable must be classical first or second tone 平聲|平声)
 diào hào tone mark on a Chinese syllable (i.e. accents on ā / á / ǎ / à) / (music) key signature
 zhòng yīn jié accented syllable / stress
 líng shēng mǔ absence of initial consonant / a Chinese syllable having no initial consonant (starting directly with the medial vowel)
 yùn wěi the rhyming part of a syllable / in a Chinese syllable, the medial vowel plus final consonant (if any)
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