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 duō shǎo number / amount / somewhat
 yǒu xiē some / somewhat
 yǒu suǒ somewhat / to some extent
 yǒu yī xiē somewhat / rather / some
 sān fēn somewhat / to some degree
 jǐ fēn somewhat / a bit
 shāo shāo somewhat / a little / slightly
 hé děng what kind? / how, what / somewhat
 yǒu diǎn r slightly / a little / somewhat
 xǔ to allow / to permit / to promise / to praise / somewhat / perhaps
 yǒu yī diǎn a little / somewhat
 shāo somewhat / a little
 duō shǎo yǒu xiē somewhat / more or less
 shāo xián more than one would wish / somewhat / a bit too (old, contrived, distracting etc)
 lu:è dài having slightly / somewhat carrying
 shēng sè unripe / tart / not fully proficient / somewhat shaky
 bù xún cháng unusual / curious / somewhat extraordinary
 yè dié somewhat ill, but still able to sit up
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