yì jiàn


  • idea
  • opinion
  • suggestion
  • objection
  • complaint
  • CL:點|点[dian3],條|条[tiao2]



  • 该政策在两种意见之间摇摆。
    The policy fluctuated between two opinions.
  • 她对于这个问题有很激进的意见
    She has a very radical opinion about the problem.
  • 在这一点上意见不一。
    Opinion is divided on this point.
  • 他的意见大体上说是对的。
    His opinion is generally correct.
  • 我的意见与您大相迳庭。
    My opinion is entirely different from yours.
  • 任何意见都是事实与谬误的混合体。
    Every opinion is a mixture of truth and mistakes.
  • 我想要听听你的意见
    I want your opinion.
  • 首先,我要听听双方的意见
    First, I should hear both sides.
  • 你就只告诉我一个人,你对她的意见如何?
    Between you and me, what is your opinion of her?
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