cuò wù


  • error
  • mistake
  • CL:個|个[ge4]
  • mistaken
  • false
  • wrong


  • 错误是经常出现还是偶尔出现?错误是否能够模仿?
    Does the error occur regularly or sporadically? Is the error reproducible?
  • 说谎是错误的。
    It is wrong to tell a lie.
  • 请改正错误
    Correct errors.
  • 我需要为错误负责。
    I am responsible for the mistake.
  • 如有错误,请改正。
    Correct errors if any.
  • 错误是如何显示出来的?
    How is the error observed?
  • 她犯了一个严重的错误
    She made a serious mistake.
  • 玩牌作弊是错误的。
    It is wrong to cheat at cards.
  • 在这次考试中我犯了几个错误
    I made several mistakes in the exam.
  • 你很诚实地承认了你的错误
    You are honest to admit your mistake.
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