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 péng friend
 pèng old variant of 碰[peng4]
 Péng surname Peng
 Péng Peng, large fabulous bird / roc
 pěng to clasp / to cup the hands / to hold up with both hands / to offer (esp. in cupped hands) / to praise / to flatter
 péng fleabane (family Asteraceae) / disheveled / classifier for luxuriant plants, smoke, ashes, campfires: clump, puff
 péng swollen
 péng shed / canopy / shack
 péng sail
 pēng (onom.) bang / thump
 pēng attack / impeach
 pēng cooking method / to boil sb alive (capital punishment in imperial China)
 péng sound of waves
 pēng impulsive
 pēng (onom.) bang
 péng boron (chemistry)
 péng (land-crab) / grapsus sp.
 péng target in archery
 pēng the sound of opening or closing the door
 péng luxuriant growth
 pèng collide, bump into
 péng disheveled
 pèng to whip / Taiwan pr. [beng4]
 pēng noise of dashing waves
 pèng to bump / to meet by chance
 pēng noise of waters
 péng roar of dashing waves
 péng menorrhagia
 pèng see 椪柑[peng4 gan1]
 pēng variant of 閛[peng1]
 péng war chariot (archaic)
 pēng old variant of 砰[peng1]
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