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 gōng jī to attack / to accuse / to charge / an attack (terrorist or military)
 dǎ jī to hit / to strike / to attack / to crack down on sth / blow / (psychological) shock / percussion (music)
 jìn gōng to attack / to assault / to go on the offensive / attack / assault / offense (sports)
 chōng jī to attack / to batter / (of waves) to pound against / shock / impact
 xí jī attack (esp. surprise attack) / raid / to attack
 shā to kill / to murder / to attack / to weaken or reduce / to smart (dialect) / (used after a verb) extremely
 chū jī to sally / to attack
 gōng dǎ to attack (the enemy)
 pēng jī to attack (verbally or in writing)
 shī bào to use violence / to attack / to assault
 jìn jī to attack
 duì gōng to attack (one another)
 chuī xí storm struck / to attack (of wind)
 gōng to attack / to accuse / to study
 xí to attack / to inherit / classifier for suits (esp. of funeral robes)
 hōng explosion / bang / boom / rumble / to attack / to shoo away / to expel
 píng to gallop / to assist / to attack / to wade / great / old variant of 憑|凭[ping2]
 fá to cut down / to fell / to dispatch an expedition against / to attack / to boast / Taiwan pr. [fa1]
 dǎo pound / beat / hull / attack / disturb / stir
 pēng attack / impeach
 yīng oppose / to attack
 fā qǐ to originate / to initiate / to launch (an attack, an initiative etc) / to start / to propose sth (for the first time)
 chāo xí to plagiarize / to copy / to attack the flank or rear of an enemy
 gōng jī lì potential for attack / firepower
 dǎ lái to come to attack
 tōu xí to mount a sneak attack / to raid
 tū jī sudden and violent attack / assault / fig. rushed job / concentrated effort to finish a job quickly
 wéi gōng to besiege / to beleaguer / to attack from all sides / to jointly speak or write against sb
 zhuī jī to pursue and attack
 tū xí surprise attack
 ái dǎ to take a beating / to get thrashed / to come under attack
 kǒng bù xí jī terrorist attack
 gōng fáng attack and defense / the midfield (in soccer)
 kāi dāo (of a surgeon) to perform an operation / (of a patient) to have an operation / to decapitate / to behead / to single out as a point of attack
 rén shēn gōng jī personal attack
 jiā jī pincer attack / attack from two or more sides / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
 shā dí to attack the enemy
 máo tóu spearhead / barb / an attack or criticism
 dú shǒu deadly blow / vicious attack / treacherous assault
 kōng xí air raid / attack from the air
 yìng zhàn to take up a challenge / to face an attack and meet it
 měng gōng to attack violently / to storm
 yù xí to suffer attack / to be ambushed
 kuài gōng fast break / quick attack (ball sports)
 jù jué fù wù denial of service attack / DoS attack
 shuāng guǎn qí xià lit. to paint holding two brushes (idiom) / fig. to work on two tasks at the same time / to attack one problem from two angles at the same time
 tòng chì to criticize harshly / to denounce / to attack viciously
 jī huǐ to attack and destroy
 kǎn shā to attack with a bladed weapon
 xīn jī gěng sè myocardial infarction / heart attack
 jī chén to attack and sink (a ship)
 xià dú shǒu to attack murderously / to strike treacherously
 qí xí surprise attack / raid
 yíng jī to face an attack / to repulse the enemy
 jiā gōng attack from two sides / pincer movement / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
 hé jī combined assault / to mount a joint attack
 yè xí night attack
 jiè dāo shā rén to lend sb a knife to kill sb / to get sb else to do one's dirty work / to attack using the strength of another (idiom)
 zhí dǎo to storm / to attack directly
 xīn jī gěng sǐ myocardial infarction / heart attack
 tòng jī to deliver a punishing attack / to deal a heavy blow
 gōng jī jī ground attack aircraft
 gōng qǔ to attack and seize
 gù ruò jīn tāng secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water (idiom) / well fortified / invulnerable to attack
 yìng dí to face the enemy / to meet an attack
 àn jiàn attack by a hidden enemy / a stab in the back
 hán shā shè yǐng to attack someone by innuendo (idiom) / to make oblique charges / to make insinuations / to insinuate
 jiān jī to annihilate / to attack and destroy / Jianji, PRC fighter plane based on Soviet MiG / usually 殲擊8型|歼击8型
 gōng jié to attack sb by exposing faults / to denounce
 shǎn jī lightning attack / Blitzkrieg
 yí zhèn a diversion / a feint attack to mislead the enemy
 bào bìng sudden attack of a serious illness
 ái zhěng to be the target of an attack
 nào noisy / cacophonous / to make noise / to disturb / to vent (feelings) / to fall ill / to have an attack (of sickness) / to go in (for some activity) / to joke
 duǐ (Internet slang) to attack verbally / to publicly criticize / to call out
 chū qí bù yì gōng qí bù bèi catch an enemy off guard with a surprise attack (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War" 孫子兵法|孙子兵法[Sun1 zi3 Bing1 fa3])
 dà zhāng tà fá to launch an all-out attack (idiom) / to roundly condemn / to castigate
 duì hào rù zuò to take one's seat according to the ticket number / (fig.) to put (things or people) in their right place / to take a general comment as a personal attack / to take a criticism for oneself
 zhí dǎo Huáng Lóng lit. to directly attack Huanglong / fig. to directly combat the root of a problem
 huǎn bīng zhī jì delaying tactics / stalling / measures to stave off an attack / stratagem to win a respite
 qún qǐ ér gōng zhī the masses rise to attack it (idiom) / Everyone is against the idea. / universally abhorrent
 zhuī wáng zhú běi to pursue and attack a fleeing enemy
 zhuī bēn zhú běi to pursue and attack a fleeing enemy
 wéi qiáng líng ruò to avoid the strong and attack the weak (idiom) / to bully
 tú rán xí jí sneak attack / surprise attack
 mó dāo huò huò lit. to sharpen one's sword (idiom) / fig. to prepare to attack / to be getting ready for battle
 Aò mǔ Zhēn lǐ jiào Aum Shinrikyo (or Supreme Truth), the Japanese death cult responsible for the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway
 cè fēng oblique attack (brush movement in painting)
 chāo hòu lù to outflank and attack from the rear
 gōng jī xíng hé qián tǐng nuclear-powered attack submarine
 hé dòng lì gōng jī qián tǐng nuclear attack submarine
 máo tóu zhǐ xiàng to target sb or sth (for attack, criticism etc)
 zhèng fēng frontal attack (brush movement in painting)
 jiǔ gōng bù xià to attack for a long time without success
 chéng shèng zhuī jī to follow up a victory and press home the attack / to pursue retreating enemy
 yǐ zǐ zhī máo , gōng zǐ zhī dùn lit. use sb's spear to attack his shield (idiom, derived from Han Feizi 韓非子|韩非子) / turning a weapon against its owner / fig. to attack an opponent using his own devices / hoist with his own petard
 jiǎ dào fá Guó to obtain safe passage to conquer the State of Guo / to borrow the resources of an ally to attack a common enemy (idiom)
 qīng cháo lái fàn to turn out in force ready to attack (idiom)
 dōu chāo to surround and attack / to corner / to envelop
 dāo cì to stab / to attack with knife
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