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 tuán huǒ (criminal) gang / gang member / accomplice / crony
 tóng huǒ colleague / co-conspirator / accomplice
 bāng xiōng accomplice / accessory
 zhǎo yá pawn / lackey / accomplice (in crime) / collaborator / henchman / claws and teeth
 tóng dǎng member of the same party / member of the same group / accomplice
 gòng fàn accomplice
 cóng fàn accessory to a crime / accomplice
 tóng àn fàn accomplice
 tóng fàn accomplice
 tóng móu to conspire with sb / to plot / a conspirator / a partner in crime / an accomplice
 wèi hǔ zuò chāng to act as accomplice to the tiger / to help a villain do evil (idiom)
 xiōng dǎng band of accomplice
 xié cóng fàn induced accomplice / coerced accomplice / accomplice under duress
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