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 zhǐ kòng accusation / a (criminal) charge / to accuse
 zuì míng criminal charge / accusation
 zhuàng accusation / suit / state / condition / strong / great / -shaped
 gào fā to lodge an accusation / accusation (law)
 kòng zuì criminal charge / accusation
 sù lùn lawsuit / legal action / accusation
 fēn biàn to explain the facts / to defend against an accusation
簿 duì bù gōng táng public courtroom accusation (idiom) / legal confrontation / to take sb to court / to sue
 qì cí niē kòng to make an accusation based on fabricated evidence (idiom)
簿 duì bù to confront sb with accusation / written charge in court (in former times) / to take sb to court
 pān wū xiàn hài unjust accusation / miscarriage of justice
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