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 chéng rèn to admit / to concede / to recognize / recognition (diplomatic, artistic etc) / to acknowledge
 rèn tóng to approve of / to endorse / to acknowledge / to recognize / to identify oneself with
 zì rèn to believe (sth in relation to oneself) / to regard oneself as / to acknowledge (sth in relation to oneself) / to resign oneself to
 xiāng rèn to know each other / to recognize / to identify / to acknowledge (an old relationship)
 dā li to acknowledge / to respond / to answer / to pay attention / to heed / to deal with
 zuò zhǔn to recognize / to acknowledge (as valid)
 bù lǐ to refuse to acknowledge / to pay no attention to / to take no notice of / to ignore
 tǎn yán to say candidly / to acknowledge frankly
 rèn cuò to admit an error / to acknowledge one's mistake
 chén fú to acknowledge allegiance to (some regime) / to serve
 shuǎ lài to act shamelessly / to refuse to acknowledge that one has lost the game, or made a promise etc / to act dumb / to act as if sth never happened
 chéng yùn to provide transport / to accept the Mandate of Heaven / to acknowledge one's calling to be emperor
 chéng duì to accept (i.e. acknowledge as calling for payment) (commerce) / to honor (a check, a promise)
 bù mǎi zhàng not to acknowledge sb as senior or superior / not to believe sth / don't buy it (slang)
 rèn zéi zuò fù lit. to acknowledge the bandit as one's father (idiom) / fig. a complete betrayal / to sell oneself to the enemy
 mǎi zhàng to acknowledge sb as senior or superior (often in negative) / to accept (a version of events) / to buy it
 gù bù zì fēng stuck in the old ways (idiom) / refusing to acknowledge new ideas / stagnating and conservative
 rèn zhàng to own up to a fault / to admit the truth / to acknowledge a debt
 fú ruǎn to admit defeat / to give in / to acknowledge a mistake / to apologize / to be amenable to persuasion
 tuó niǎo zhèng cè ostrich policy (sticking one's head in the sand, failing to acknowledge danger)
 shòu lǐ to accept a gift / to acknowledge greetings
 lǎn de dā lǐ not wishing to acknowledge sb / unwilling to respond
 bài rén wéi shī to acknowledge as one's teacher
 zhī guò gǎi guò to acknowledge one's faults and correct them (idiom)
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