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 bāng zhù assistance / aid / to help / to assist
 yuán zhù to help / to support / to aid / aid / assistance
 jiù zhù to help sb in trouble / aid / assistance
 zhù lì a helping hand / help / assistance
 yuán shǒu assistance / a helping hand / to lend a hand
 xié zhù to provide assistance / to aid
 zhī yuán to provide assistance / to support / to back
 fú pín assistance to the poor / poverty alleviation
 fǎ lu:4 yuán zhù legal assistance / legal aid
 gào jí to be in a state of emergency / to report an emergency / to ask for emergency assistance
 jí shí yǔ timely rain / (fig.) timely assistance
 jiē jì to give material assistance to
 hù tōng yǒu wú mutual exchange of assistance (idiom) / to benefit from each other's strengths and make up each other's shortfalls / to reciprocate with material assistance / scratch each other's back
 xiāng to help / to assist / mutual assistance / to rush into or up / to raise or hold up / high / tall / old variant of 欀 / chariot horse (old) / change (old)
 qiāng bó zhī zhù assistance that one gets from another
 yǒu wú xiāng tōng mutual exchange of assistance (idiom) / to reciprocate with material assistance
 huǎn jí xiāng jì to help one another in difficulty / mutual assistance in extremity
 dǐng lì xiāng zhù We are most grateful for your valuable assistance.
 Kē dì huá Dwarkanath Kotnis (1910-1942), one of five Indian doctors sent to China to provide medical assistance during the Second Sino-Japanese War
 yāng tuō to request assistance / to ask sb to do sth
 qiāng bó to ask for assistance
 jì shù yuán zhù technical assistance
 jiù zāi wù zī relief provisions / material assistance
 dǐng zhù (honorific) your inestimable assistance / thanks to your help
 jīng jì hù zhù wěi yuán huì Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, COMECON
 fā zhǎn yuán zhù development assistance / development aid
 huá shā tiáo yuē Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the People's Republic of Albania, the People's Republic of Bulgaria, the Hungarian People's Republic, the German Democratic Republic, the Polish People's Republic, the Romanian People's Repub
 jǐn jí yuán zhù emergency assistance
 sī fǎ xié zhù judicial assistance / mutual judicial assistance
  United Nations Coordination Meeting for Humanitarian Assistance for Somalia / Coordination Meeting for Humanitarian Assistance for Somalia
 xuǎn jǔ yuán zhù sī Electoral Assistance Division
  Technical Assistance Grant
  official development assistance
  United Nations Coordinator of Humanitarian Assistance in Somalia
  UNDP Trust Fund for Assistance to Refugees in Africa
  phasing-out of assistance
 jǐn jí yuán zhù jī jīn Emergency Assistance Fund
  Emergency Notification and Assistance Technical Operations Manual
  Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Programme
 yuán zhù shòu hài rén victim assistance / survivor assistance
  Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Action
 xuǎn jǔ yuán zhù bàn gōng shì Electoral Assistance Office
 lián hé guó yī lā kè yuán zhù tuán United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq
  United Nations Mine Action Assistance Programme
 rén dào zhǔ yì yuán zhù humanitarian assistance
  Inter-American Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters
  Coordinator of Assistance to the Least Developed Countries
屿  Programme of Assistance to Small Island Developing Countries
 yuán zhù zhuān jiā Assistance Expert
  Emergency Trust Fund for Humanitarian Assistance for Iraq
  Australian International Development Assistance Bureau
  South Fund for Development and Humanitarian Assistance
  Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters
  Educational Assistance Programme
 shì jiè qì xiàng zǔ zhī zhì yuàn yuán zhù fāng àn World Meteorological Organization Voluntary Assistance Programme
  Mutual Assistance Pact
  Assessment and Technical Assistance Office
 guó jì xuǎn jǔ yuán zhù xiǎo zǔ International Electoral Assistance Team
  Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters between the Member States of the European Union
 lián hé guó yuán zhù zhàn lu:è United Nations Assistance Strategy
  Consortium d'assistance opérationnelle aux pays de l'Europe de l'Est
  Inter-Agency Consultation on Education for Humanitarian Assistance and Refugees
  United Nations Inter-agency Consolidated Appeal for Emergency Humanitarian Assistance
  Optional Protocol Concerning Energy Assistance
  Gender and Assistance to Victims Unit
  International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
  United Nations Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People
  Parliament / Electoral Assistance
  Humanitarian Assistance Officer
  United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials
  Technical Assistance Grant Programme
  Technical Assistance Coordination and Operations Office
  Coordinator of Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan
  United Nations Development Assistance Framework
  Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency / Assistance Convention
  Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Unit
屿  Programme of Fisheries Assistance for Small Island Developing States
  United Nations Conference on Humanitarian Assistance for Somalia
  Subregional Inter-Agency Technical Support Assistance Centre
 duō bian yuán zhù multilateral assistance
  United Nations Electoral Assistance Secretariat
  supply assistance report
  Technical Assistance Loan
  Mutual Assistance of the Latin American Government Oil Companies
  Central American Mine-Clearance Assistance Programme
  Trust Fund for the Second International Conference on Assistance to Refugees in Africa
  Task Force on Ethical and Legal Issues in Humanitarian Assistance
 fǎ guó hé zuò yuán zhù jī jīn Assistance Fund for French Cooperation
  Inter-Sectoral Commission on Demining and Humanitarian Assistance
 xiàng mù yuán zhù project assistance
 yuán zhù qǐng qiú huì zǒng biǎo Matrix of assistance requests
  Framework Convention on Civil Defence Assistance
  technical assistance referral
 jiù zāi yuán zhù xìn tuō jī jīn Trust Fund for Disaster Relief Assistance
  Development Assistance Group
  technical assistance needs assessment
 rén dào zhǔ yì yuán zhù zhǐ dǎo yuán zé xuān yán Declaration on Guiding Principles for Humanitarian Assistance
  special task force on non-supply assistance
 hù zhù jī jīn Mutual Assistance Fund
  Coordinating Conference on Assistance to the Newly Independent States
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