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 yàn huì banquet / feast / dinner party / CL:席[xi2],個|个[ge4]
 dà cān great meal / banquet
 wǎn yàn banquet / dinner party / soiree
 jiǔ xí feast / banquet
 yàn xí banquet / feast
 fàn jú dinner party / banquet
 yán xí banquet / mat for sitting
 xiǎng yàn feast / banquet
 yàn yǐn to wine and dine / to feast / banquet
 yǐn yàn banquet / dinner / drinking party / feast
 yán yàn feast / banquet
 qióng yán banquet / elaborate feast
 jiǔ yán feast / banquet
 fù yàn to attend a banquet
 xǐ yàn wedding banquet
 guó yàn state banquet
鸿 Hóng mén Yàn Feast at Hongmen / (fig.) banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest / refers to a famous episode in 206 BC when future Han emperor Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦[Liu2 Bang1] escaped attempted murder by his rival Xiang Yu 項羽|项羽[Xiang4 Yu3]
 zuò xí seat (at a banquet) / to attend a banquet
 jì jiǔ to offer a libation / person who performs the libation before a banquet / senior member of a profession / important government post in imperial China
 jí xí impromptu / improvised / to take one's seat (at a banquet etc)
 wǔ yàn lunch banquet
 xǐ yán wedding banquet / congratulatory feast
 fù to go / to visit (e.g. another country) / to attend (a banquet etc)
 yán bamboo mat / feast, banquet
 zuò wú xū xí lit. a banquet with no empty seats / full house / capacity crowd / standing room only
 bēi jiǔ shì bīng quán to dismiss military hierarchy using wine cups / cf Song founding Emperor Song Taizu 宋太祖 / holds a banquet in 961 and persuades his senior army commanders to go home to their provinces
 bié yán farewell banquet
寿 shòu yán birthday banquet
 zhē luó mixed dish of the food left over from a banquet
 zhé chōng zūn zǔ lit. to stop the enemy at the banquet table / fig. to get the better of an enemy during diplomatic functions
 sàn xí end of a banquet
 shèng yán grand banquet
 yán xí juān tax on a banquet or feast
 pán táo shèng huì a victory banquet to taste the peaches of immortality of Goddess Xi Wangmu 西王母
 yàn huì variant of 宴會|宴会, banquet / feast / dinner party
 táo xí to leave a banquet (without taking one's leave)
 huán xí to offer a return banquet
 Suān nǎi jié Lhasa Shoton festival or yogurt banquet, from first of July of Tibetan calendar
 kāi yán to host a banquet
 Xuě dùn Lhasa Shoton festival or yogurt banquet, from first of July of Tibetan calendar
 Xuě dùn jié Lhasa Shoton festival or yogurt banquet, from first of July of Tibetan calendar
 tāo tiè dà cān great meal fit for dragon's son (idiom) / sumptuous banquet
 Mǎn Hàn quán xí the Manchu Han imperial feast, a legendary banquet in the Qing dynasty / (fig.) a sumptuous banquet
 qiān lǐ dā cháng péng , méi yǒu bù sàn de yàn xí even if you build a thousand-league awning for it, every banquet must come to an end (idiom)
 tóu hú ancient banquet game of throwing arrows into a pot, the winner determined by the number of arrows thrown in, and the loser required to drink as punishment
 liú shuǐ xí banquet where guests arrive at various times and are served with food as they arrive
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