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 hé zuò to cooperate / to collaborate / to work together / cooperation / CL:個|个[ge4]
 xié shǒu hand in hand / to join hands / to collaborate
 xié tóng to cooperate / in coordination with / coordinated / collaborate / collaboration / collaborative
 gòng tóng nǔ lì to work together / to collaborate
 chuàn tōng to collude / to collaborate / to gang up
 huì shī to collaborate / to join forces / to effect a junction
 gōu shǒu to collude with / to collaborate / (basketball) hook shot
 gōu jié to collude with / to collaborate with / to gang up with
 tóng zhōu gòng jì cross a river in the same boat (idiom) / fig. having common interests / obliged to collaborate towards common goals
 chàng shuāng huáng lit. to sing a duet / fig. to collaborate with sb / also used satirically: to play second fiddle to
 Wú Yuè tóng zhōu Wu and Yue in the same boat (idiom) / fig. cooperation between natural rivals / to collaborate towards a common end / in the same boat together
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