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 zǔ hé to assemble / to combine / to compose / combination / association / set / compilation / (math.) combinatorial
 hé jí collection / compilation
 wén xuǎn compilation / selected works
 zuǎn xiū to compile / to edit / compilation
 hé jí compilation / compilation album
 Kāng xī Zì diǎn the Kangxi Dictionary, named after the Kangxi Emperor, who in 1710 ordered its compilation, containing 47,035 single-character entries
 Zhāng Tíng yù Zhang Tingyu (1672-1755), Qing politician, senior minister to three successive emperors, oversaw compilation of History of the Ming Dynasty 明史[Ming2 shi3] and the Kangxi Dictionary 康熙字典[Kang1 xi1 Zi4 dian3]
 Sōu shén Jì In Search of the Supernatural, compilation of legends about spirits, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, written and compiled by 干寶|干宝[Gan1 Bao3] in Jin dynasty
  compilation and accounting report
  compilation and accounting database
 biān zhì yòng hǎi tú compilation chart
  Neutron Data Compilation Centre
  Global compilation of national legislation against racial discrimination
  Handbook on National Accounts Compilation
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