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 tóu jī to speculate (on financial markets) / opportunistic / congenial / agreeable
 qì hé agreement / to agree / to get on with / congenial / agreeing with / to ally oneself with sb
 xiāng tóu agreeing with one another / congenial
 hé yì to suit one's taste / suitable / congenial / by mutual agreement
 má jí (slang) (Tw) close friend / best pal / to get along well / to be tight / congenial
 tóu qì to get along well (with sb) / congenial / to speculate (on financial markets)
 yì qì xiāng tóu congenial
 duì xīn congenial / to one's liking
 qíng tóu yì hé to have an affinity with each other (idiom) / to find each other congenial
 tán de lái to be able to talk to / to get along with / to be congenial
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