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 xié hé to harmonize / harmony / cooperation / (music) consonant
 shēng mǔ consonant / the initial consonant (of a Chinese syllable)
 fǔ yīn consonant
 hóu yīn guttural sound / (linguistics) glottal (or laryngeal) consonant
 zǐ yīn consonant
 qì huà to vaporize / evaporation / carburetion / 氣|气[qi4] transformation in TCM (i.e. transformation of yin yang vital breath) / unvoicing of voiced consonant
 qīng yīn unvoiced consonant / voiceless consonant
 yùn mǔ medial and final of a Chinese syllable (excluding initial consonant and tone) / the rhyming part of a Chinese syllable / rhyme / vowel / character used in traditional phonetics to indicate value of rhyme / final sound / phoneme
 fǎn qiè traditional system expressing the phonetic value of a Chinese character using two other characters, the first for the initial consonant, the second for the rhyme and tone
齿 chǐ yīn dental consonant
 bí yùn mǔ (of Chinese pronunciation) a vowel followed by a nasal consonant
 biān yīn lateral consonant (phonetics)
 chū shēng initial (i.e. initial consonant of a syllable in Asian phonetics)
 qián bí yīn alveolar nasal / consonant n produced in the nose with the tongue against the alveolar ridge
 sè yīn plosive / stop consonant
 hòu bí yīn velar nasal / consonant ng or ŋ / produced in the nose with the back of the tongue against the soft palate
 shōu wěi yīn final (i.e. final consonant or stop of some syllables in Asian phonetics)
 zhōng shēng final (i.e. final consonant or stop of some syllables in Asian phonetics)
 shé jiān yīn apical consonant (produced with the tip of the tongue, i.e. d or t)
 shuāng chún yīn bilabial consonant (b, p, or m)
 líng shēng mǔ absence of initial consonant / a Chinese syllable having no initial consonant (starting directly with the medial vowel)
 yùn wěi the rhyming part of a syllable / in a Chinese syllable, the medial vowel plus final consonant (if any)
 yùn shū rhyming dictionary / traditional Chinese phonetic dictionary with words ordered first by four tones 四聲|四声 / then rhyme 韻|韵 / (i.e. medial consonant and final)
 è yín yīn prepalatal or palatal sound (linguistics) / palato-alveolar consonant (linguistics)
 yín fǔ yīn palato-alveolar consonant (linguistics)
 chún yīn labial consonant
齿 chún chǐ yīn labiodental (e.g. the consonant f in standard Chinese)
 yǒu qì yīn aspirated consonant (in phonetics)
 zhuó fǔ yīn voiced consonant (linguistics)
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