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 zhēn zhuó to consider / to deliberate / to fill up a cup to the brim
 chéng xīn intentional / deliberate / on purpose
 kè yì meticulous / painstaking / deliberate
 shāng tǎo to discuss / to deliberate
 xù yì deliberate / premeditated / malice
 zhěn mì meticulous / careful / deliberate / delicate / fine (texture)
 jì yì to deliberate / to talk over / to plan
 cān zhuó to consider (a matter) / to deliberate
 zhuó to pour wine / to drink wine / to deliberate / to consider
 zhēn to pour / to deliberate
 cuō deliberate / to polish
 shāng to consult / to deliberate / commerce
 héng qíng zhuó lǐ to weight the matter and deliberate the reason (idiom) / to weigh and consider / to deliberate
 shāng zhuó to deliberate
 héng zhuó to weigh and consider / to deliberate / short form of idiom 衡情酌理
 chén huǎn unhurried / deliberate
 sǒng rén tīng wén to sensationalize (idiom) / deliberate exaggeration to scare people
 míng zhī gù fàn deliberate violation (idiom) / intentional crime
 hùn xiáo shì tīng to obscure the facts (idiom) / to mislead the public with prevarication and deliberate falsehoods
鹿 zhǐ lù zuò mǎ to take a deer and call it a horse (idiom) / deliberate inversion of the truth
鹿 zhǐ lù wéi mǎ making a deer out to be a horse (idiom) / deliberate misrepresentation
 dào cǎi adverse audience reaction: boos and jeers, hissing, catcalls or deliberate applause after a mistake
 quē dé shì misdeed / immoral action / wicked deed / a deliberate wrongdoing
 shāng duì to discuss and deliberate
 shěn chǔ to deliberate and decide / to try and punish / trial and execution
 tuō yán zhàn shù delaying tactics / deliberate procrastination
 qiāo shān zhèn hǔ a deliberate show of strength as a warning
 qū bǐ falsification in writing / misrepresentation in written history / deliberate digression
 kuǎn bù to walk slowly / with deliberate steps
  deliberate non-compliance
  Operation Deliberate Guard
  Operation Deliberate Force
  deliberate response
  deliberate response
  deliberate river crossing / deliberate crossing
 zhōu mì dù hé deliberate river crossing / deliberate crossing
  deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms
  deliberate breaching
  deliberate breaching
  deliberate marine pollution
  willful blindness / deliberate ignorance
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