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 qǐ méng to instruct the young / to initiate / to awake sb from ignorance / to free sb from prejudice or superstition / primer / enlightened / the Enlightenment / Western learning from the late Qing dynasty
 kāi míng enlightened / open-minded / enlightenment
 yǒu dào to have attained the Way / (of a government or a ruler) enlightened / wise and just
 shèng míng enlightened sage / brilliant master (flattering words applied to ruler)
 jiàn jiào I have been enlightened by your teaching (humble)
 kāi wù to become enlightened (Buddhism)
 bù fèn bù qǐ a student shall not be enlightened until he has tried hard by himself (idiom)
 qǐ méng zhuān zhì jūn zhǔ enlightened dictatorship
 kāi míng jūn zhǔ enlightened sovereign
  enlightened moderation
 qīn zhì to be enlightened by direct contact with sb
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