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 qǐ shì to reveal / to enlighten / enlightenment / revelation / illumination / moral (of a story etc) / lesson
 qǐ fā to enlighten / to explain (a text etc) / to stimulate (a mental attitude) / enlightenment / revelation / motivation
 kāi míng enlightened / open-minded / enlightenment
 pú tí bodhi (Sanskrit) / enlightenment (Buddhism)
 qǐ dí to edify / enlightenment
 qǐ méng to instruct the young / to initiate / to awake sb from ignorance / to free sb from prejudice or superstition / primer / enlightened / the Enlightenment / Western learning from the late Qing dynasty
 Qǐ méng zhǔ yì Enlightenment (philosophy)
 jué wù to come to understand / to realize / consciousness / awareness / Buddhist enlightenment (Sanskrit: cittotpāda)
 ài hé the river of love / a stumbling block on the path to enlightenment (Buddhism)
 huò rán kāi lǎng suddenly opens up to a wide panorama (idiom) / to come to a wide clearing / fig. everything becomes clear at once / to achieve speedy enlightenment
 dùn wù a flash of realization / the truth in a flash / a moment of enlightenment (usually Buddhist)
 chéng fó to become a Buddha / to attain enlightenment
 kāi qiào to get it straight / to start to understand things properly / enlightenment dawns
 Lú suō Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), Enlightenment philosopher
 cān wù to comprehend (the nature of things etc) / to achieve enlightenment
 yè zhàng karmic hindrance (buddhism) / karmic consequences that stand in the way of enlightenment / (term of abuse, especially toward the younger generation) devil spawn / (fig.) money
 Fú ěr tài Voltaire (1694-1778), Enlightenment philosopher
 Xiū mó David Hume (1711-1776), Scottish Enlightenment philosopher
 yù hè nán tián bottomless pit of desire (idiom) / insatiable greed / carnal cravings are never satisfied and are a main obstruction on the path to enlightenment
竿 bǎi chǐ gān tóu to be at the highest level of enlightenment (Buddhist expression)
 dà chè dà wù to achieve supreme enlightenment or nirvana (Buddhism)
 fú tián field for growing happiness / domain for practices leading to enlightenment (Buddhism)
 Dà rì rú lái Vairocana, Buddha of supreme enlightenment
 kǔ hǎi wú biān , huí tóu shì àn The sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn your head to see the shore (idiom). Only Buddhist enlightenment can allow one to shed off the abyss of worldly suffering. / Repent and ye shall be saved!
 Pú tí dào chǎng Bodhimanda (place of enlightenment associated with a Bodhisattva)
 jīn gāng zuò Bodhimanda (place of enlightenment associated with a Bodhisattva)
 yīn yōu qǐ shèng deep suffering can lead to enlightenment (idiom) / storms make oaks take deeper root
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