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 rèn shi to know / to recognize / to be familiar with / to get acquainted with sb / knowledge / understanding / awareness / cognition
 yì shí consciousness / awareness / to be aware / to realize
 jué wù to come to understand / to realize / consciousness / awareness / Buddhist enlightenment (Sanskrit: cittotpāda)
 rèn zhī cognition / cognitive / understanding / perception / awareness / to be cognizant of / to recognize / to realize
 gǎn zhī perception / awareness
 pǔ fǎ to promote knowledge of laws / rights awareness
 Wén shū Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of keen awareness
 gǎn xìng rèn shi perceptual awareness
 gòu cí fǎ yì shí morphological awareness
 jù fǎ yì shí syntactic awareness
 yǔ yīn yì shí phonetic awareness
 yuán yǔ yán xué yì shí metalinguistic awareness
 Wén shū shī lì Pú sà Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of keen awareness
 Wén shū Pú sà Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of keen awareness
 fǎ shāng "legal quotient" (LQ), a measure of one's awareness and knowledge of the law and one's standard of honorable conduct
 Jiě shēn mì jīng Sandhinir mokcana vyuha sutra, a yogic text on awareness and meditation, translated as the Wisdom of Buddha
 dào dé rèn shi moral cognition / ethical awareness
 huán jìng yì shì environmental awareness / environmental consciousness
  Policy-level Awareness Workshop on Geographic Information Systems
  International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
 xiàn zhuàng gōng bào Current Awareness Bulletin
  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
  Workshop on Education and Public Awareness for Sustainable Development
  mine awareness
  public awareness programme
  Security Awareness Induction Training
  maritime situational awareness
  Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness
  Standing Mine Awareness Working Group
  Mine Awareness Office
  Organization for Mine Awareness
 tǔ zhù wén huà zhōu Aboriginal Awareness Week
  public awareness
  public awareness
  Eastern Caribbean Coalition for Environmental Awareness
  awareness seminar
  Shared Awareness and Deconfliction
  Regional Campaign to Raise Awareness of Violence Against Women;
  mine awareness support team
 shì jiè zì bì zhèng xuān dǎo rì World Autism Awareness Day
 shì jiè zì bì zhèng rì World Autism Awareness Day
  Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at the Local Level
  situation awareness / situational awareness
  pre-deployment awareness training
  post-deployment awareness training
  Gender Awareness Information and Networking System
  HIV awareness and prevention programme
  Disability Awareness in Action
  gender awareness programme
  gender awareness
  Youth Awareness Environmental Forum
  gender awareness issue
  Campaign for Global Awareness of the Critical Economic Situation in Africa
  Awareness Campaign on Security Sector Reform
  Basic Security Awareness
  Trust Fund for Public Awareness on Disarmament Issues
  integrity awareness
  integrity awareness
  Mine Awareness Day
  Integrity Awareness Initiative
  International Guidelines on Landmines and Unexploded Ordnance Awareness Education
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