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 xīng fèn excited / excitement / (physiology) excitation
 huó yuè active / lively / excited / to enliven / to brighten up
 kàng fèn excited / stimulated
 què yuè excited / in high spirits
 zhèn to shake / to vibrate / to jolt / to quake / excited / shocked / one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦[ba1 gua4], symbolizing thunder /
 jī fèn aroused / excited
 dòng qíng to get excited / passionate / aroused to passion / to fall in love / on heat (of animals)
 xìng gāo cǎi liè happy and excited (idiom) / in high spirits / in great delight
 mí shàng to become excited with / to be enchanted by
 huān xīn gǔ wǔ elated and excited (idiom) / overjoyed
 chōng hūn tóu nǎo lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom) / fig. excited and unable to act rationally / to go to one's head
 shǎo ān wú zào keep calm, don't get excited / don't be impatient
 tóu mèi ér qǐ lit. to shake one's sleeves and rise (idiom) / fig. to get excited and move to action
 jiàn liè xīn xǐ lit. seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt (idiom) / fig. seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again
 fàn jìn to become excited
 dǎ jī xuè lit. to inject chicken blood / (coll.) extremely excited or energetic (often used mockingly)
 xuè mài fèn zhāng lit. blood vessels swell wide (idiom) / fig. one's blood runs quicker / to be excited
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