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 wú nài helpless / without choice / for lack of better option / grudgingly / willy-nilly / nolens volens / abbr. for 無可奈何|无可奈何[wu2 ke3 nai4 he2]
 wú néng wéi lì impotent (idiom) / powerless / helpless
 wú zhù helpless / helplessness / feeling useless / no help
 wú cuò helpless
 shù shǒu to have one's hands tied / helpless / unable to do anything about it
 méi zhì hopeless / helpless / incurable / fantastic / out of this world
 wú yuán without support / helpless
 zì shēn nán bǎo powerless to defend oneself (idiom) / helpless
 shù shǒu wú cè lit. to have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it (idiom) / fig. helpless in the face of a crisis
 mò nài hé to have no alternative / to be helpless
 líng dīng alone and helpless / also written 零丁
 yī mù nán zhī lit. a single post cannot prop up a falling house (idiom) / fig. one is helpless alone
 wàng ér xīng tàn to look and sigh / to feel helpless / not knowing what to do
 wú zhù gǎn to feel helpless / feeling useless
 wú jiǎo xiè helpless lonely person
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