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 wú zhī ignorant / ignorance
 yú mèi ignorant / uneducated / ignorance
 wú míng avidyā / (Buddhism) / ignorance / delusion
 qǐ méng to instruct the young / to initiate / to awake sb from ignorance / to free sb from prejudice or superstition / primer / enlightened / the Enlightenment / Western learning from the late Qing dynasty
 yú mín ignorant masses / to keep the people in ignorance
 yōu míng the hidden and the visible / that which can be seen and that which cannot / darkness and light / night and day / wisdom and ignorance / evil and good / the living and the dead / men and ghosts
 cái shū xué qiǎn (humble expr.) of humble talent and shallow learning (idiom) / Pray forgive my ignorance,...
 yī wèn sān bù zhī lit. to reply "don't know" whatever the question (idiom) / fig. absolutely no idea of what's going on / complete ignorance
 lòu qiè to display one's ignorance / to make a fool of oneself by an ignorant blunder
 xué rán hòu zhī bù zú to learn is to know one's ignorance (the Book of Rites 禮記|礼记[Li3 ji4])
 shǎo jiàn duō guài lit. rarely seen, very strange (idiom) / to express amazement due to lack of experience / naive expression of excitement due to ignorance
 yí bīng ignorant / doubt stemming from ignorance / (a summer insect has no word for ice, Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)
 zhuāng yáng suàn to feign ignorance
  willful blindness / deliberate ignorance
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