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 shè rù to take in / to absorb / to consume / intake / consumption
 shè qǔ to absorb (nutrients etc) / to assimilate / intake / to take a photograph of (a scene)
 shè rù liàng intake (quantity)
 jìn kǒu to import / imported / entrance / inlet (for the intake of air, water etc)
 qǔ shuǐ water intake / to obtain water (from a well etc)
 rù fēng kǒu air intake vent
 jìn shuǐ zhá water intake / inlet sluice
  food intake
  food intake
  acceptable daily intake / allowable daily intake
 hé shuǐ jìn shuǐ guǎn lù river water intake line
  International Food Intake Data
  International Food Intake Directory
  intake of foods
  calorie intake
  protein intake
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