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 jiě chú to remove / to sack / to get rid of / to relieve (sb of their duties) / to free / to lift (an embargo) / to rescind (an agreement)
 xiān qǐ to lift / to raise in height / to begin / upsurge / to set off (a campaign)
 tí to carry (hanging down from the hand) / to lift / to put forward / to mention / to raise (an issue) / upwards character stroke / lifting brush stroke (in painting) / scoop for measuring liquid
 jǔ to lift / to hold up / to cite / to enumerate / to act / to raise / to choose / to elect / act / move / deed
 tái to lift / to raise / (of two or more persons) to carry
 tí qǐ to mention / to speak of / to lift / to pick up / to arouse / to raise (a topic, a heavy weight, one's fist, one's spirits etc)
 jǔ qǐ to heave / to lift / to raise up / to uphold
 shēng jiàng jī aerial work platform (e.g. cherry picker or scissor lift) / lift / elevator
 xiān dòng to stir / to lift / to set sth in motion
 áng to lift / to raise / to raise one's head / high / high spirits / soaring / expensive
 xiān to lift (a lid) / to rock / to convulse
 līn to lift / to carry in one's hand / Taiwan pr. [ling1]
 qiào to lift / to pry open / to lever open
 qiè to raise / to lift / to take along (e.g. one's family)
 qiān to lift (clothes, sheets) / lower garments
 yú to lift / to raise
 jiǎo to raise / to lift / to pretend / counterfeit / unyielding / variant of 矯|矫[jiao3] / to correct
 ná bu dòng to be unable to carry / lift (sth heavy)
 lǎo round-bottomed wicker basket / (dialect) to lift / to carry on one's shoulder
 tái qǐ to lift up
 gāo jǔ to lift up / to hold high
 sòng qù to send to / to deliver to / to give sb a lift (e.g. in a car)
 xiān kāi to lift open / to tear open
 shēng kōng to rise to the sky / to lift off / to levitate / liftoff
 dā chē to ride (in a vehicle) / to get a lift / to hitch-hike
 jiě jìn to lift a prohibition
 jiě wéi to lift a siege / to help sb out of trouble or embarrassment
 dǎ chē to take a taxi (in town) / to hitch a lift
 gāo gē to sing loudly / to lift one's voice in song
 jǔ zhòng to lift weights / weight-lifting (sports)
 liāo qǐ to raise / to lift up (curtains, clothing etc)
 tuō pín to lift oneself out of poverty
 tái jǔ to lift sth up / to elevate sb / to honor sb (with compliments, gifts, promotions etc) / to show great regard / to speak highly
 lán chē to thumb a lift / to hitchhike
 kāi jìn to lift a ban / to lift a curfew
 huò tī freight elevator / goods lift
 kè tī passenger elevator / passenger lift
 liāo to lift up (sth hanging down) / to raise (hem of skirt) / to pull up (sleeve) / to sprinkle (water with cupped hands)
 kōu to dig out / to pick out (with one's fingers) / to carve / to cut / to study meticulously / to lift one's clothes / stingy / miserly
 xuàn stick-like implement inserted into the handles of a tripod cauldron in ancient times in order to lift the cauldron / commonly used in Korean names, transcribed as "hyun"
 jǔ àn qí méi lit. to lift the tray to eyebrow level (idiom) / mutual respect in a marriage
 gāng jǔ mù zhāng if you lift the headrope the meshes spread open (idiom) / take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves / (of a piece of writing) well-structured and ordered
 jié lift up a dress
 qǔ xiāo jìn lìng to lift a prohibition / to lift a ban
 bān zēng to lift the fishnet
 tuō qiān suǒ dào anchor lift (ski-lift)
 dā jiān to help lift up onto one's shoulders / to stand on sb's shoulder
 qiān variant of 褰, to hold up the hem of clothes / to lift up the skirts
 jiě yán to lift restrictions (such as curfew or martial law)
 jiě fēng to lift a ban
穿 mǎ wěi chuān dòu fu , tí bu qǐ lai lit. like tofu strung on horsetail, you can't lift it / fig. let's not talk of this (pun on 提[ti2])
 lā kāi xù mù (fig.) to raise the curtain / to lift the curtain / to be a curtain raiser for
 tí shēng guǎn uptake pipe / lift pipe
 yùn shū néng lì lift capacity / lifting capacity
  lift net
  hydraulic pipe lift system / hydraulic lift
  heavy lift launch vehicle
 liǎng qī yùn shū néng lì amphibious lift
  lift and headquarters capabilities
  medium utility helicopter / medium lift helicopter
 zhàn lu:è yùn shū strategic lift
  strategic heavy lift rotary wing
  air-assisted lift system / air-lift system
  four-post lift
  engine lift / engine hoist
  International Committee for Lift Regulations
 jiē jǔ to lift up / (fig.) to put on display / to set forth / to expound
 tǎng yíng to win without needing to even lift a finger / victory presented on a platter
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