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 biǎo yǎn play / show / performance / exhibition / to perform / to act / to demonstrate / CL:場|场[chang3]
 yǎn chū to act (in a play) / to perform / to put on (a performance) / performance / concert / show / CL:場|场[chang3],次[ci4]
 bàn yǎn to play the role of / to act
 jǔ dòng act / action / activity / move / movement
 shì yǎn to act / to play a part
 jǔ cuò to move / to act / action / decision / conduct / manner
 wán yì toy / plaything / thing / act / trick (in a performance, stage show, acrobatics etc)
 zuò gōng to act (in opera) / stage business
 zuò wéi one's conduct / deed / activity / accomplishment / achievement / to act as / as (in the capacity of) / qua / to view as / to look upon (sth as) / to take sth to be
 zuò yòng to act on / to affect / action / function / activity / impact / result / effect / purpose / intent / to play a role / corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dài lǐ to act on behalf of sb in a responsible position / to act as an agent or proxy / surrogate / (computing) proxy
 pèi hé matching / fitting in with / compatible with / to correspond / to fit / to conform to / rapport / to coordinate with / to act in concert with / to cooperate / to become man and wife / to combine parts of machine
 zhōng jiè to act as intermediary / to link / intermediate / inter- / agency / agent
 zì zhǔ independent / to act for oneself / autonomous
 zhǔ yǎn to act the leading role (in a movie or a play) / to star / lead actor
 lián shǒu lit. to join hands / to act together
 zuò wéi to act as / used erroneously for 作為|作为
 chōng dāng to serve as / to act as / to play the role of
 dài bàn to act for sb else / to act on sb's behalf / an agent / a diplomatic representative / a chargé / d'affaires
 tōu kuī to peep / to peek / to act as voyeur
 sā jiāo to act like a spoiled child / to throw a tantrum / to act coquettishly
 zhuāng zuò to pretend / to feign / to act a part
 bù dé yǐ to act against one's will / to have no alternative but to / to have to / to have no choice / must
 rèn píng no matter what / despite / to allow (sb to act arbitrarily)
 hé huǒ to act jointly / to form a partnership
 shǒu máng jiǎo luàn to act with confusion / to be in a flurry / to be flustered
 fèng mìng to receive orders / to follow orders / to act under orders
 zì zuò to act for oneself / to view oneself (as clever, virtuous, attractive)
 hú nào to act willfully and make a scene / to make trouble
 jiān hù to act as a guardian
 shēn bù yóu jǐ without the freedom to act independently (idiom) / involuntary / not of one's own volition / in spite of oneself
 dǔ qì to act in a fit of pique / to get in a huff / to be peeved
 jiàn yì yǒng wéi to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects) / to stand up bravely for the truth / acting heroically in a just cause
 zuò guài (of a ghost) to make strange things happen / to act up / to act behind the scenes / to make mischief / odd / to misbehave (euphemism for having sex)
 zì jiǎn to act with self-restraint / to examine oneself / to perform a self-test
 luàn lái to act recklessly / to mess around
 biàn tōng pragmatic / flexible / to act differently in different situations / to accommodate to circumstances
 xíng xiōng violent crime / to commit a violent act (assault or murder)
 wéi variant of 為|为[wei2] / as (i.e. in the capacity of) / to take sth as / to act as / to serve as / to behave as / to become / to be / to do
 zhuāng shǎ to act stupid / to pretend to be naive
 bù jiǎ sī suǒ to act without taking time to think (idiom) / to react instantly / to fire from the hip
 dú shù yī zhì lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom) / fig. to act as a loner / to stand out / to develop one's own school / to have attitude of one's own
 xué tóu amusing speech or act / jokes / antics / funny / amusing / Taiwan pr. [xue1 tou2]
 dú lì zì zhǔ independent and autonomous (idiom) / self-determination / to act independently / to maintain control over one's own affairs
 bào xíng savage act / outrage / atrocity
 qīng jǔ wàng dòng to act blindly without thinking (idiom)
 shuǎ lài to act shamelessly / to refuse to acknowledge that one has lost the game, or made a promise etc / to act dumb / to act as if sth never happened
 jiǎ bàn to impersonate / to act the part of sb / to disguise oneself as sb else
 cuō he to play matchmaker / to act as a middleman
 zhāo yáo to act ostentatiously / to brag / to show off
 bù kě kàng lì unpredictable eventuality / unpreventable / unavoidable / impossible to overcome / nothing can be done about it / act of God / force majeure
 zhuāng mó zuò yàng to put on an act (idiom) / to show affectation / to indulge in histrionics
 xíng jiāng ready to start on sth / about to act
 fā biāo to flip out / to act out violently
 zhuō jiān to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations)
 páng ruò wú rén to act as though there were nobody else present / unselfconscious / fig. without regard for others
 liàng lì ér xíng to assess one's capabilities and act accordingly (idiom) / to act within one's competence / One does what one can.
 zhī qù to act tactfully / tactful / discreet
 hú lái to act arbitrarily regardless of the rules / to mess with sth / to make a hash of things / to cause trouble
 hé yǎn to act together / to put on a joint performance
 shà yǒu jiè shì to make a show of being very much in earnest (idiom) / to act as if one is taking things very seriously
 dāng to be / to act as / manage / withstand / when / during / ought / should / match equally / equal / same / obstruct / just at (a time or place) / on the spot / right / just at
 míng zhì zhī jǔ sensible act
穿线 chuān zhēn yǐn xiàn lit. to thread a needle (idiom) / fig. to act as a go-between
 wáng yáng bǔ láo lit. to mend the pen after sheep are lost (idiom) / fig. to act belatedly / better late than never / to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted
 lì xíng to practice diligently / to act energetically
 zhuó yì to act with diligent care
 cāo zhī guò jí to act with undue haste (idiom) / eager and impatient / overhasty
 zuò xì to act in a play / to put on a play
 nán yuán běi zhé to act in a way that defeats one's purpose (idiom)
 zhuāng kě ài to act cute / putting on adorable airs / to pretend to be lovely
 jiàn lì wàng yì to see profit and forget morality (idiom) / to act from mercenary considerations / to sell one's soul for gain
 shòu xíng brutal act / bestiality
 bǔ fēng zhuō yǐng lit. chasing the wind and clutching at shadows (idiom) / fig. groundless accusations / to act on hearsay evidence
 yī tiáo xīn to be of one mind / to think or act alike
 hé liú to converge / to flow together / fig. to act alike / to evolve together
 dài xíng to act as a substitute / to act on sb's behalf
 zhuāng suàn to act stupid / to play dumb / to pretend to not know
 fàng dǎn to act boldly
 lǐ yìng wài hé to coordinate outside and inside offensives (idiom) / (fig.) to act together
 mán gàn to act rashly / to act precipitously regardless of the consequences / reckless / foolhardy / daredevil
 shuāng huáng a form of theatrical double act in which one performer speaks or sings while the other, in front, pretends to be doing the speaking or singing / double reed (as in an oboe or bassoon)
 liáng tǐ cái yī lit. measure the body then tailor the suit (idiom) / fig. to act according to actual circumstances / To live within one's means.
 dài to substitute / to act on behalf of others / to replace / generation / dynasty / age / period / (historical) era / (geological) eon
 zuò méi to act as go-between (between prospective marriage partners etc)
 xuán yá lè mǎ lit. to rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice (idiom) / fig. to act in the nick of time
 bào lì xíng wéi act of violence
 fǎn qí dào ér xíng zhī to do the very opposite / to act in a diametrically opposite way
 shè zhèng to act as regent
 chōng rèn to fill a post / to act as
 zuò dōng to act as host
 piào jù fǎ negotiable instruments act
 wén fēng ér dòng to respond instantly / to act at once on hearing the news
 zhuān duàn to act arbitrarily / to make decisions without consulting others
 biǎo lǐ rú yī external appearance and inner thoughts coincide (idiom) / to say what one means / to think and act as one
 sān sī ér xíng think three times then go (idiom) / don't act before you've thought it through carefully
 zuò to do / to make / to produce / to write / to compose / to act as / to engage in / to hold (a party) / to be / to become / to function (in some capacity) / to serve as / to be used for / to form (a bond or relationship) / to pretend / to feign / to act a part / to put on appearance
 xiān zhǎn hòu zòu first decapitate then present your trophy (idiom) / act first, report later
 tǎo qiǎo to act cleverly to get what one desires / to get the best at least expense
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