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 jiǎn qù minus / to subtract
 fù fēn negative score / minus (in grades, such as A-)
 mǎ zi number (e.g. page or house number) / numeral (e.g. Arabic or Chinese numeral) / code sign / plus or minus sound / counter / chip (e.g. in gambling games) / price tag / ready cash at one's disposal (old)
 jiǎn hào minus sign - (math.)
 fù hào negative value sign - (math.) / minus sign
 jiā jiǎn hào plus-minus sign (±) / plus and minus signs (+ and -)
 zhèng fù hào plus or minus sign ± / (math.)
 wú fú hào unsigned (i.e. the absolute value, regardless of plus or minus sign)
 pēi yá mǐ semipolished rice (i.e. rice minus the husk, but including the germ)
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