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 tǔ duī mound
 tǔ qiū mound / hillock / barrow
 shān gāng mound / small hill
 gǎng mound / policeman's beat
 líng mound / tomb / hill / mountain
 gāng ridge / mound
 fén grave / tomb / CL:座[zuo4] / embankment / mound / ancient book
 qiū mound
 fù abundant / mound
 qióng mound / place name
 dié anthill / mound
 tǔ gǎng mound / hillock
 chá mound / small hill / (used in place names)
 gāng mound
 líng mound / tomb
 wěi mound / embankment / the earthen altar to the god of the soil
 yīn to restrain / to dam a stream and change its direction / a mound
 gē da lump / pimple / mound / same as 疙瘩
 da see 圪垯, lump / pimple / mound
 fēng tǔ to heap earth (to close a tomb) / a mound (covering a tomb)
 fén tóu burial mound
 tǔ bāo zi country bumpkin / boor / unsophisticated country person (humble, applied to oneself) / burial mound
 cuī wéi stony mound / rocky mountain / lofty / towering
 jīng capital city of a country / big / algebraic term for a large number (old) / artificial mound (old)
 lǒng ridge between fields / row of crops / grave mound
 zhǒng variant of 冢[zhong3] / burial mound
 lǒng ridge between fields / row of crops / grave mound / old variant of 壟|垄
 zhǒng zhōng kū gǔ dried bones in burial mound (idiom) / dead and buried
 huá wū qiū xū magnificent building reduced to a mound of rubble (idiom) / fig. all one's plans in ruins
 bèi qiū shell mound
 lǒu small mound
 tǔ niú clay ox / mound of earth on a dike (ready for emergency repairs)
 fén shān hill cemetery / graveyard / grave / grave mound / low wall at the back of a traditional tomb
 liè shì líng memorial mound / heroes' memorial
 liú huà wù duī sulphide mound
西  TAG hydrothermal locality / TAG hydrothermal mound
  surficial mound
𪣻 lǒu small mound
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