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 yòng pǐn articles for use / products / goods
 zhì pǐn products / goods
 chū chǎn to produce (by natural growth, or by manufacture, mining etc) / to yield / to turn out / produce / products
 wù chǎn products / produce / natural resources
 pí jù leather products / CL:件[jian4]
 hán liú the spread of Korean cultural products (TV dramas, pop music etc) to other countries / Korean Wave
 fèi liào waste products / refuse / garbage / good-for-nothing (derog.)
 bàn chéng pǐn semi-manufactured goods / semifinished articles / semifinished products
 yìn shuā pǐn printed products
 rì huà household chemicals (cleaning products etc) and toiletries / abbr. for 日用化學製品|日用化学制品
 rǔ zhì pǐn dairy products
 chū lóng just out of the steamer basket 蒸籠|蒸笼 / to appear (of products, publications, sometimes derog., "lots of shoddy material is appearing nowadays")
 máo pī semifinished products
 zhǐ pǐn paper products / stationery
 xù chǎn pǐn domesticated animal products
 zhuǎn chǎn to change production / to move over to new products
 cì pǐn substandard products / defective / seconds
 yú mù hùn zhū to pass off fish eyes for pearls / to pass off fake products as genuine (idiom)
 nóng chǎn agriculture products / farm produce
 Pān tíng Pantene (hair products brand)
 dàn pǐn egg products / egg-based products
 fú dài fukubukuro or "lucky bag", Japanese New Year custom where merchants offer grab bags containing random products at a steep discount
 cì huò inferior goods / substandard products
 dòng wù xìng sì liào feed made of animal products
 làn yú chōng shù lit. to play the yu 竽 / mouth organ to make up numbers (idiom) / fig. to make up the numbers with inferior products / to masquerade as having an ability / token member of a group
 Guó jiā Jūn pǐn Mào yì Guǎn lǐ Wěi yuán huì State Administration Committee on Military Products Trade (SACMPT)
 Guó jiā Jūn pǐn Mào yì jú State Bureau of Military Products Trade (SBMPT)
 jūn pǐn chū kǒu lǐng dǎo xiǎo zǔ Military Products Leading Small Group
 liè biàn chǎn wù fission products
 xuè zhì pǐn blood products
鹿 Sān lù Jí tuán Sanlu Group, Chinese state-owned dairy products company involved in the 2008 melamine poisoning scandal
 Rì liú the spread of Japanese cultural products (anime, pop music etc) to other countries
 Xià shì lián Hazeline, Unilever range of skin care products
 zhǎn liè to lay out one's products / to display
 dú nǎi poisoned milk / contaminated milk / refers to 2008 PRC scandal involving milk products adulterated with melamine 三聚氰胺[san1 ju4 qing2 an4]
 chún sù shí zhǔ yì veganism, a diet consisting solely of plant products / strict vegetarianism
 lián chǎn dào hù household responsibility system, introduced in the early 1980s, under which each rural household could freely decide what to produce and how to sell, as long as it fulfilled its quota of products to the state
 fēi nóng chǎn pǐn nonagricultural products
SAP公 SAP gōng sī Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing
 zì rán chǎn pǐn yán jiū wǎng Natural Products Research Network
 wú hài huán jìng chǎn pǐn environmentally sound products
 lā dīng měi zhōu qū yù yú chǎn xiāo shòu xìn xī fù wù Marketing Information and Technical Advisory Services for Fish Products in Latin America and the Caribbean
  UNIDO Consultation on the Leather and Leather Products Industry
 hào néng chǎn pǐn zhǐ lìng Energy-using Products Directive / EuP Directive / Ecodesign regulation;
  Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products
  Information Products Committee
  European Convention on Products Liability in regard to Personal Injury and Death
  Leather and Leather Products Industry Panel
 xiàn chéng jūn yòng chǎn pǐn military off-the-shelf products / MOTS products
  Association of the Sugar Products Industries of the EEC
1982年  International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products, 1982
  Classification of Products by Activities
 biāo zhǔn shāng yòng xiàn huò standard-based commercial off the shelf products
  dual-use products, services and know-how
 zhì huàn zhí wù zhì jì hallucinogenic plant products
  United Nations Standard Products and Services Code
 xīn wén zhì pǐn sī Information Products Division
  International Convention concerning the Export and Import of Animal Products (other than Meat, Meat Preparations, Fresh Animal Products, Milk and Milk Products) / International Convention concerning the Export and Import of Animal Products
  ASEAN Cooperation and Joint Approaches in Agriculture and Forest Products Promotion Scheme
  United Nations Conference on Jute and Jute Products
 quán qiú sēn lín chǎn pǐn zhǎn wàng yán jiū Global Forest Products Outlook Study
 shí yóu chǎn pǐn petroleum products
 nóng chǎn pǐn guó jì mào yì guàn lì zhuān jiā zǔ Group of Experts on International Trade Practices Relating to Agricultural Products
  Standing Committee on the Hides, Skins, and Leather Products Industry
  Market Development Section - Manufactured Products
  Market Development Section - Commodities and Agro-based Products
  Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products
  Committee on Trade in Industrial Products
  Convention for the Mutual Recognition of Inspections in Respect of the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products
 rè dài chǎn pǐn xiǎo zǔ Group on Tropical Products
  European Association of the Trade in Jute Products
  International Convention concerning the Transit of Animals, Meat and Other Products of Animal Origin
  Special Fund for Financing of Buffer Stocks of Raw Materials and Products
  European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products
  Expert Group on Cooperation Among Southeast Asian Countries in the Marketing of Tropical Timber Products
  WHO Certification Scheme on the Quality of Pharmaceutical Products moving in International Commerce
  Regional Network for the Chemistry of Natural Products
  natural resource-based products
  International Conference on Processing of Sea Products
  Convention on the Law Applicable to Products Liability
  coca products
  International Group of National Associations of Manufacturers of Agrochemical Products
  Integrated System of Classifications of Activities and Products
  International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products
  non-methane products
  Yearbook of Forest Products
  Joint Working Party on Forestry and Timber Products
  International Conference on Certification and Labelling of Products from Sustainably Managed Forests
 guǒ fěn (slang) fan of Apple products
 lǎo tóu lè backscratcher (made from bamboo etc) / (may also refer to other products that are of benefit to old people, such as padded cloth shoes, mobility tricycle etc)
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