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 shēng chǎn to produce / to manufacture / to give birth to a child
 chǎn shēng to arise / to come into being / to come about / to give rise to / to bring into being / to bring about / to produce / to engender / to generate / to appear / appearance / emergence / generation / production / yield
 chuàng zào to create / to bring about / to produce / to set (a record)
 chuàng zuò to create / to produce / to write / creative work / creation / CL:個|个[ge4]
 zuò to do / to make / to produce / to write / to compose / to act as / to engage in / to hold (a party) / to be / to become / to function (in some capacity) / to serve as / to be used for / to form (a bond or relationship) / to pretend / to feign / to act a part / to put on appearance
 dài lái to bring / to bring about / to produce
 fā chū to issue (an order, decree etc) / to send out / to dispatch / to produce (a sound) / to let out (a laugh)
 shēng chéng to generate / to produce / generated / produced
 shēng chū to give birth / to grow (whiskers etc) / to generate / to produce
 chū chǎn to produce (by natural growth, or by manufacture, mining etc) / to yield / to turn out / produce / products
 yìn zhì to print / to produce (a publication)
 páo zhì to concoct / to invent / to fabricate / to produce / to process / processing and curing (Chinese medicine)
 méng shēng to burgeon / to produce / to conceive / to be in the initial stage
 wù chǎn products / produce / natural resources
 shè zhì to produce (a TV show etc)
 pài shēng to produce (from sth else) / to derive (from raw material) / derivative
 chǎn to give birth / to reproduce / to produce / product / resource / estate / property
 jiē (of a plant) to produce (fruit or seeds) / Taiwan pr. [jie2]
 xiān huò produce / fresh fruits and vegetables / fresh aquatic food / fresh herbs
 zī industrious / produce / bear
 chū pǐn to produce an item / output / items that are produced
 nóng chǎn pǐn agricultural produce
 yùn yù to be pregnant / to produce offspring / to nurture (a development, school of thought, artwork etc) / fig. replete with (culture etc)
 qiān dòng to affect / to produce a change in sth
 shēng chǎn zhě producer (of goods, commodities or farm produce etc) / manufacturer / (biology) autotroph
 shèng chǎn to produce in abundance / to be rich in
 shì dé qí fǎn to produce the opposite of the desired result
 shēng xiān fresh produce and freshly prepared foods
仿 fǎng zào to copy / to produce sth after a model / to counterfeit
 fān yún fù yǔ to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another (idiom) / fig. to shift one's ground / tricky and inconstant / to make love
 xiǎn xiào to show an effect / to produce an effect / a conspicuous effect
 nóng chǎn agriculture products / farm produce
 bǎo miáo to protect young plants, ensuring that enough survive to produce a good crop
 cí kòng guǎn cavity magnetron (used to produce microwaves)
 xiù handsome / refined / elegant / graceful / superior / show (loanword) / CL:場|场[chang2] / (literary) to grow / to bloom / (of crops) to produce ears
 háng háng chū zhuàng yuán lit. in every trade, a master appears (idiom) / fig. You can produce outstanding achievements in any task, provided you put it enough love and diligence
 kuā duō dòu mǐ to compete to produce extravagant literary works (idiom)
 yǐn yù zhī zhuān lit. a brick thrown to prompt others to produce a jade (idiom) / fig. a modest suggestion intended to prompt others to come forward with better ideas
 chū huó to finish a job on time / to produce the goods
 tǔ huò local produce
 pī liàng shēng chǎn to mass produce
稿 dǎ gǎo zi to produce a draft manuscript
 tián jú Stevia, South American sunflower genus / sugarleaf (Stevia rebaudiana), bush whose leaves produce sugar substitute
 Tián yíng Tianying city in Anhui, having lead processing plants that produce substantial pollution
 Tián yíng shì Tianying city in Anhui, having lead processing plants that produce substantial pollution
 lián chǎn dào hù household responsibility system, introduced in the early 1980s, under which each rural household could freely decide what to produce and how to sell, as long as it fulfilled its quota of products to the state
 sù tiáo guǎn klystron (electronic tube used to produce high frequency radio waves)
广 jí ēn guǎng yì to pool knowledge and ideas to produce a better outcome
 ōu zhōu líng shòu shāng nóng chǎn pǐn gōng zuò xiǎo zǔ Euro Retailer Produce Working Group
  Meeting of Experts on Standardization of Dry and Dried Produce (Fruit)
 tāng zhǒng water roux (aka tangzhong), a gelatinous paste made by heating a mixture of flour and water, used in breadmaking to produce a softer, fluffier loaf (loanword from Japanese 湯種 / yudane)
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