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 fǎn yìng duī reactor
 fǎn yìng qì reactor
 diàn kàng qì inductor / reactor (in an electrical circuit)
 fǎn yìng lú (nuclear etc) reactor
 hé fǎn yìng duī nuclear reactor
 qīng shuǐ light water (as opposed to heavy water) / see light water reactor 輕水反應堆|轻水反应堆
 dòng lì fǎn yìng duī power reactor
 fǎn yìng duī xīn reactor core
 hé shì yàn duī nuclear test reactor
 líng gōng lu:4 duī zero power reactor
 qì lěng shì fǎn yìng duī gas-cooled reactor
 qīng shuǐ fǎn yìng duī light water reactor (LWR)
 rè hé fǎn yìng duī thermal reactor
 shēng chǎn fǎn yìng duī production reactor
 shí mò qì lěng duī gas-graphite reactor
 yán jiū fǎn yìng duī research reactor
 zēng zhí fǎn yìng duī breeder reactor
 zhòng shuǐ fǎn yìng duī heavy water reactor (HWR)
 yuán zǐ fǎn yìng duī atomic reactor
 Níng biān Yongbyon (Ryeongbyeon), site of North Korean nuclear reactor
  pressurized water reactor
  boiling water reactor
 shí mò màn huà fǎn yìng duī graphite-moderated reactor
  nuclear reactor control rod / control rod
  reciprocating plate column / reciprocating plate reactor
  fast breeder reactor
  Canadian deuterium-uranium reactor
  nuclear reactor pressure tube / pressure tube
  nuclear reactor vessel / reactor vessel
  nuclear reactor internals / internals
  fuel loading machine / nuclear reactor fuel charging and discharging machine
  water-cooled reactor
  Power Reactor Information System
  reactor power monitor
  zero energy reactor / zero power reactor
 fǎn shè céng reactor reflector / reflector
 tíng duī reactor shutdown / shutdown
  reactor pressure vessel
  Generation II reactor
  biomedical reactor
  International Tokamak Reactor
  pool reactor
 shì gù bǎo hù tíng duī reactor trip / trip
  Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket reactor / UASB reactor
 yán jiū duī research reactor / experimental reactor
 jìn liào zhì zuò xì tǒng feed preparation system / chemical reactor
  feed preparation system / chemical reactor
  very high temperature reactor
  light-water moderated research reactor
  Generation IV reactor
  reactor type / reactor system / reactor line
  International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
  Generation III reactor
 zēng zhí duī breeder reactor
  liquid-metal-cooled fast breeder reactor
  fluidized bed reactor
  nuclear research reactor
  ceramic-fueled reactor / ceramic reactor
  small and medium(-sized) power reactor
  reactor lattice
  nuclear power reactor / power reactor
  sodium-cooled reactor
  sodium-cooled reactor
  Multilateral Fund for Nuclear Reactor Safety and Radiation Protection
  negative reactor / non-reactor
 duī xīn reactor core
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