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 kuā zhāng to exaggerate / overstated / exaggerated / hyperbole / (coll.) excessive / ridiculous / outrageous
 huāng miù absurd / ridiculous
 qǐ yǒu cǐ lǐ how can this be so? (idiom) / preposterous / ridiculous / absurd
 hǎo xiào laughable / funny / ridiculous
 kě xiào funny / ridiculous
 huāng dàn bù jīng absurd / preposterous / ridiculous
 guài dàn bù jīng uncanny / unbelievable / ridiculous / outrageous
 huāng dàn wú jī ridiculous / unbelievable / absurd
 guāi miù ridiculous / abnormal
 xiào diào dà yá to laugh one's head off / ridiculous / jaw-dropping
 huó bǎo buffoon / clown / ridiculous person
 hú huà nonsense / ridiculous talk / hogwash
 qí tán odd story / exotic tale / fig. ridiculous argument
 wàng zì zūn dà ridiculous self-importance (idiom) / arrogance
 guài huà ridiculous talk / preposterous remark
 wàng shuō to talk irresponsibly / ridiculous presumption talk
 huāng miù jué lún absolutely ridiculous (idiom) / preposterous / the height of folly
 huāng miù wú jī completely ridiculous and unfounded
 yí xiào to be ridiculous / to make a fool of oneself
 yí xiào fāng jiā a novice making a fool of himself / to make oneself ridiculous before experts
 yìng ào (coll.) (Tw) to defend an untenable position with ridiculous arguments (Taiwanese, POJ pr. [ngē-áu]) / Taiwan pr. [ying4 ao1]
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