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 bié lí to take leave of / to leave / separation
 fēn lì to establish as separate entities / to divide (a company etc) into independent entities / discrete / separate / separation (of powers etc)
 lí hé clutch (in car gearbox) / separation and reunion
 lín bié on parting / facing separation
 fēn quán separation of powers
 lí chóu parting sorrow / pain of separation
 jiǔ bié a long period of separation
 fēn sè color separation
 gé lí qiáng separation barrier / barrier / Wall
 sān quán fēn lì separation of powers
 jiǔ bié chóng féng to meet again after a long period of separation
 lán yīn xù guǒ starts well but ends in separation (of marital relations)
 lí qíng bié xù sad feeling at separation (idiom)
线 gé lí xiàn separation line
 tóng wèi sù fēn lí isotopic separation
 jiǔ kuò a long period of separation
 fēn quán zhì héng separation of powers for checks and balances
 lín shí fēn jū trial separation
 A1 lǐ láng Arirang, famous Korean song of love and tragic separation, based on folk tale from Georyo dynasty / Arirang, series of Korean earth observation space satellites
 zhèng jiào fēn lí separation of Church and state
 lí zhí tiáo jiàn separation package
 lí zhí cháng jīn separation payment
  separation nozzle
  separation nozzle process
 shāng dìng lí zhí agreed separation
  liquid-liquid chemical exchange process / chemical exchange isotope separation / solvent extraction process
  plasma separation process
  atomic vapour laser isotope separation
  electromagnetic isotope separation / electromagnetic process
 nóng suō gōng chǎng enrichment plant / isotope separation plant
  laser isotope separation
  separation stage / stage
  lithium isotope separation facility / lithium isotope separation plant
 qì dòng nóng suō aerodynamic enrichment process / aerodynamic uranium isotope separation method
 yì dìng tíng huǒ gé lí qū Agreed Cease-Fire Zone of Separation
  Agreement on a Ceasefire and Separation of Forces
 lí zhí fú lì separation benefits
 tí qián lí zhí fāng àn Early Separation Programme
  separation technique
  geoid height / geoid-ellipsoid separation
  cyclone separation
  cyclone separation
 huà xué nóng suō fǎ chemical enrichment method / chemical exchange isotope separation
  chemical enrichment method / chemical exchange isotope separation
  vortex separation process / vortex proces
  molecular laser isotope separation
  separation factor / enrichment factor
  separation factor / enrichment factor
  separation rocket
  Inter-Entity Zone of Separation
  traffic separation scheme
  Procedure for Return and Reconstruction in the Zone of Separation
  chromatographic separation
  uranium isotope separation
  separation of forces agreement
线  base-line separation of thebaine
 sān quán dǐng lì separation of powers
 yù jué penannular jade pendant (often used as a symbol of separation or resolution, for homophony reasons)
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