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 chǒu shameful / ugly / disgraceful
 kě chǐ shameful / disgraceful / ignominious
 nán tīng unpleasant to hear / coarse / vulgar / offensive / shameful
 jiàn bu dé rén shameful
 chū chǒu shameful / scandalous / to be humiliated / to make a fool of sb or oneself / to make sb lose face
 hán chen ugly / shameful / to ridicule
 hùn zhàng shameful / absolutely disgraceful!
 bù tǐ miàn to not appear to be decent or respectful / shameful
 tiǎn shameful / shameless
 róng rǔ guān precepts regarding what is honorable and what is shameful (in particular, refers to the Socialist Concepts on Honors and Disgraces, PRC official moral principles promulgated from 2006) / abbr. for 社會主義榮辱觀|社会主义荣辱观 / also known as the Eight Honors and Eight Shames 八榮八恥|八荣八耻[Ba1 Rong2 Ba1 Chi3]
 chǒu tài shameful performance / disgraceful situation
 kuī xīn shì shameful deed
 yīn sī shameful secret
 bān xuàn tou lit. to move the shoes on the shoe tree (idiom) / fig. to expose shameful secrets (old)
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