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 tè yì specially / intentionally
 zhuān chéng specifically / specially (for that purpose)
 tè dì specially / for a special purpose
 tè wèi for a specific purpose / specially
 dān lìng separately and exclusively / specially
 tè xiào special effect / specially good effect / especially efficacious
 fǎ bǎo Buddha's teaching / Buddhist monk's apparel, staff etc / (Daoism) magic weapon / talisman / fig. specially effective device / magic wand
 tè yuē specially engaged / employed or commissioned for a special task
 jiào chà mediocre / rather poor / not specially good
 tè shè ad hoc / to set up specially
 kè fàn cafeteria meal specially prepared for a group of visitors / set meal
  Antarctic Specially Managed Area
  Protocol concerning Mediterranean Specially Protected Areas
  specially protected area
  Antarctic specially protected area
  Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas
  specially protected areas of Mediterranean interest
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