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 tiě iron (metal) / arms / weapons / hard / strong / violent / unshakeable / determined / close / tight (slang)
 tiē to stick / to paste / to post (e.g. on a blog) / to keep close to / to fit snugly / to subsidize / allowance (e.g. money for food or housing) / sticker / classifier for sticking plaster: strip
 tiē fitting snugly / appropriate / suitable / variant of 貼|贴[tie1] / to paste / to obey
 tiě invitation card / notice
 tiè rubbing from incised inscription
 tiè gluttonous / see 饕餮[tao1 tie4], zoomorphic mask motif
 tiē terpene (chemistry)
 tiě old variant of 鐵|铁[tie3]
 tiě dark brown horse
 tiē peaceful / quiet
 tiě variant of 鐵|铁[tie3], iron
 tiè to mutter / to talk indistinctly
 tiě old variant of 鐵|铁[tie3]
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