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 bǎo chí to keep / to maintain / to hold / to preserve
 jǔ xíng to hold (a meeting, ceremony etc)
 jǔ bàn to conduct / to hold
 bǎ wò to grasp (also fig.) / to seize / to hold / assurance / certainty / sure (of the outcome)
 zhàn jù to occupy / to hold
 zhàn lǐng to occupy (a territory) / to hold
 róng nà to hold / to contain / to accommodate / to tolerate (different opinions)
 suàn shù to count numbers / to keep to one's word / to hold (i.e. to remain valid) / to count (i.e. to be important)
 bǎ to hold / to contain / to grasp / to take hold of / handle / particle marking the following noun as a direct object / classifier for objects with handle / classifier for small objects: handful
 chí yǒu to hold (passport, views etc)
 zhàn yǒu to have / to own / to hold / to occupy / to possess / to account for (a high proportion etc)
 wò zhù to grip / to hold
 bāo róng to pardon / to forgive / to show tolerance / to contain / to hold / inclusive
 gāo áng to hold (one's head) high / expensive / high (spirits etc)
 hán xù to contain / to hold / (of a person or style etc) reserved / restrained / (of words, writings) full of hidden meaning / implicit / veiled (criticism)
 kòu liú to detain / to arrest / to hold / to confiscate
 shōu nà to receive / to accept / to take in / to hold
 wò yǒu to grasp and own / to hold (power)
 shǒu hand / (formal) to hold / person engaged in certain types of work / person skilled in certain types of work / personal(ly) / convenient / classifier for skill / CL:雙|双[shuang1],隻|只[zhi1]
 róng xià to hold / to admit / to accommodate / to tolerate
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