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 chǔ lǐ to handle / to treat / to deal with / to process / to deal with a criminal case / to mete out punishment / to offer for sale at a reduced price / to punish
 cóng shì to go for / to engage in / to undertake / to deal with / to handle / to do
 fú hé in keeping with / in accordance with / tallying with / in line with / to agree with / to accord with / to conform to / to correspond with / to manage / to handle
 bàn lǐ to handle / to transact / to conduct
 duì fu to handle / to deal with / to cope / to get by with
 ěr duo ear / CL:隻|只[zhi1],個|个[ge4],對|对[dui4] / handle (on a cup)
 chǔ zhì to handle / to take care of / to punish
 bǎ shou handle / grip / knob
 biàn zi plait / braid / pigtail / a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by an opponent / handle / CL:根[gen1],條|条[tiao2]
 bǎ to hold / to contain / to grasp / to take hold of / handle / particle marking the following noun as a direct object / classifier for objects with handle / classifier for small objects: handful
 guò lái to come over / to manage / to handle / to be able to take care of
 bàn shì to handle (affairs) / to work
 shòu lǐ to accept to hear a case / to handle (a service)
 xíng shì to execute / to handle / behavior / action / conduct
 liào lǐ to arrange / to handle / to cook / cuisine / art of cooking
 shǒu gǎn the feel (of sth touched with the hand) / (textiles) handle
 jià yù to urge on (of horse) / to drive / to steer / to handle / to manage / to master / to dominate
 shǒu bǐng handle / video game controller
 bǎ bǐng handle / (fig.) information that can be used against sb
 lā shou a handle / to pull on a handle
 shǒu bà handle
 bà zi handle
 jīng shǒu to pass through one's hands / to handle / to deal with
 lǐ texture / grain (of wood) / inner essence / intrinsic order / reason / logic / truth / science / natural science (esp. physics) / to manage / to pay attention to / to run (affairs) / to handle / to put in order / to tidy up
 cāo chi to manage / to handle
 bà handle
 tí shǒu a handle
 chǔ zhì to punish / to handle / to deal with (literary)
 bàn to do / to manage / to handle / to go about / to run / to set up / to deal with
 cái chǔ to handle
 cuò zhì to handle / to arrange
 ěr ear / handle (archaeology) / and that is all (Classical Chinese)
 cuò to handle / to manage / to put in order / to arrange / to administer / to execute / to take action on / to plan
 bà r a handle
 ěr zi handle (on a pot)
 qū chǔ to handle / to treat
 yìng shǒu to handle / convenient
 yíng bàn to handle / to undertake / to run (a business) / to administer
 liǎo dàng frank / outspoken / ready / settled / in order / (old) to deal with / to handle
 bǐng old variant of 秉[bing3] / variant of 柄[bing3] / handle / shaft
 bàn gōng to handle official business / to work (esp. in an office)
 lóng tóu faucet / water tap / bicycle handle bar / chief (esp. of gang) / boss / decision maker / (market) leader (of companies) / front end of mud-flow / figurehead on prow of dragon boat 龍船|龙船
 zuò shì to work / to handle matters / to have a job
 chá chǔ to investigate and handle (a criminal case)
 huì tóng to handle sth jointly
 bàn àn to handle a case
 chǔ shì to handle affairs / to deal with
 zhèng què chǔ lǐ to handle correctly
 xǐng shì to handle administrative work
 chá bàn to investigate and handle (a criminal case)
 jiā jí to become more urgent / more rapid / urgent / to handle a matter urgently
 yáo shǒu to wave the hand (to say goodbye, or in a negative gesture) / crank handle
 xuán niǔ knob (e.g. handle or radio button)
 miàn miàn jù dào (idiom) take care of everything / handle everything
便 líng biàn quick / agile / nimble / easy to handle / handy
 qū bǐng crank handle
 chǎo sháo wok with a long handle / wok spatula / ladle
 kē tree branch / stem / ax handle
 jué ancient bronze wine holder with 3 legs and loop handle / nobility
 bǐng handle or shaft (of an axe etc) / (of a flower, leaf or fruit) stem / sth that affords an advantage to an opponent / classifier for knives or blades
 bà handle or shaft (of an axe etc) / hoe / to harrow
 ruì tenon / tool handle / wedge
 diào pan with a long handle
 tài rán chǔ zhī to handle the situation calmly (idiom) / unruffled / to treat the situation lightly
 yìng fu zì rú to handle matters with ease (idiom) / to hold one's own
 cāo fǔ fá kē (cf Book of Songs) How to fashion an ax handle? You need an ax / fig. to follow a principle / fig. to act as matchmaker
 bì weapon handle of bamboo strips
 fǔ handle of bow
 nán yǐ yìng fù hard to deal with / hard to handle
 yí washbasin with a tubular handle
 zuó to fit a handle into a socket / a plug or cork
 fá kē (cf Book of Songs) How to fashion an ax handle? You need an ax / fig. to follow a principle / fig. to act as matchmaker
 shā bǎ brake lever / crank handle for stopping or turning off machinery
 lu:3 xiǎn rú yí lit. to make one's way through a dangerous pass as if walking on level ground (idiom) / fig. to handle a crisis effortlessly
 cuò zhì yù rú to handle easily (idiom) / effortless
 tí liáng handle in the shape of a hoop
 tí hé box with tiered compartments and a handle / lunch box
 jù qíng bàn lǐ to handle a situation according to the circumstances (idiom)
 dǒu bǐng handle of the Big Dipper
 qū bǐng zuàn hand drill with a crank handle
 bèng bǐng pump handle
 lóng chuán boat or raft adapted to handle rapids / white-water raft
 wán r bù zhuàn can't handle it / can't find any way (of doing sth) / not up to the task
 wán r dé zhuàn can handle it / up to the task
 zhuàn dòng qū bǐng to turn the handle / to crank
 jìn zhū zhě chì , jìn mò zhě hēi those who handle cinnabar are stained red / those who work with ink are stained black (idiom) / you are the product of your environment
 zūn bàn to handle in accordance with (the rules)
 zhuó bàn to do as one thinks fit / to handle by taking circumstances into consideration
 cháng bǐng long handle / stem
 mǐ bù yǒu chū , xiǎn kè yǒu zhōng almost everything has a start, but not many things have an end (idiom) / don't start sth you can't handle
 tóu fa hú zi yī bǎ zhuā lit. hair and beard all in one stroke / fig. to handle different things by the same method / one method to solve all problems / one size fits all
 lā huán ring pull (can) / strap handle (on bus or train) / circular door handle
 gǎo bǎ pickaxe handle
 xū bù shòu bǔ a person who is in poor health cannot handle sth so strong as a tonic
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