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 shǒu bǐ sth written or painted in one's own hand / (of a writer, calligrapher or painter) skill / style / hand / (fig.) style shown in spending money, handling business etc / scale
 shēn shang on the body / at hand / among
 shēn biān at one's side / on hand
 yī biān one side / either side / on the one hand / on the other hand / doing while
 xīn shǒu new hand / novice / raw recruit
 gāo shǒu expert / past master / dab hand
 bāng máng to help / to lend a hand / to do a favor / to do a good turn
 shǒu lǐ in hand / (a situation is) in sb's hands
 jiāo gěi to give / to deliver / to hand over
 yī fāng miàn on the one hand
 lìng yī fāng miàn on the other hand / another aspect
 yòu shǒu right hand / right-hand side
 shēn shǒu to reach out with one's hand / to hold out a hand / (fig.) to beg / to get involved / to meddle
 zuǒ shǒu left hand / left-hand side
 shǒu xià under one's control or administration / subordinates / (money etc) on hand / sb's financial means / to take action
 xié shǒu hand in hand / to join hands / to collaborate
 liú chuán to spread / to circulate / to hand down
 jiāo dài to hand over / to explain / to make clear / to brief (sb) / to account for / to justify oneself / to confess / (coll.) to finish
 xià shǒu to start / to put one's hand to / to set about / the seat to the right of the main guest
 shǒu jiǎo hand and foot / movement of limbs / action / trick / step in a procedure (CL: 道[dao4])
 fàng shǒu to let go one's hold / to give up / to have a free hand
 rù shǒu to begin / to set one's hand to
 mù dǔ to witness / to see at first hand / to see with one's own eyes
 rén shǒu manpower / staff / human hand
 jiāo fù to hand over / to deliver
 zhǐ zhēn pointer on a gauge / clock hand / cursor / (computing) pointer
 yī zé on the one hand
 chuán gěi to pass on to / to transfer to / to hand on to / to pass to (in football etc)
 chuán gei to pass on (to sb) / to send / to pass (e.g. in football) / to give directly (by hand) / to deliver / to hand over / to transfer / to relay / to transmit / to hand on (to the next generation)
 jǔ shǒu to raise a hand / to put up one's hand (as signal)
 yí liú to leave behind / to hand down
 fǎn zhī on the other hand... / conversely...
 zài jí near at hand / imminent / within sight
 xiāng chuán to pass on / to hand down / tradition has it that ... / according to legend
 bǎi shǒu to wave one's hand / to gesture with one's hand (beckoning, waving good-bye etc) / to swing one's arms
 dì jiāo to present / to give / to hand over / to hand in / to lay before
 jiāo shǒu to fight hand to hand
 shǒu xiě to write by hand
 yí jiāo to transfer / to hand over
 jiāo chū to hand over
 jiāo jiē (of two things) to come into contact / to meet / to hand over to / to take over from / to associate with / to have friendly relations with / to have sexual intercourse
 zhù lì a helping hand / help / assistance
 shǒu lā shǒu to join hands / hand in hand
 shǒu tóu in hand (e.g. cash)
 lǎo pái old, well-known brand / old style / old school / an old hand / experienced veteran
 yīng yǒu jìn yǒu everything that should be here is here (idiom) / all one can think of is on hand / to have all one needs
 bā zhǎng palm of the hand / classifier: slap
 fǎn shǒu to turn a hand over / to put one's hand behind one's back / fig. easily done
 bǐ shì to have a competition / to measure with one's hand or arm / to make a gesture of measuring
 shàng jiāo to hand over to / to give to higher authority / to seek connections in high places
 yī bǎ shǒu working hand / member of a work team / participant / (short form of 第一把手[di4 yi1 ba3 shou3]) the boss
 dé xīn yìng shǒu lit. what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes (idiom) skilled at the job / entirely in one's element / going smoothly and easily
 dān shǒu one hand / single-handed
 zhù shǒu to desist / to stop / to stay one's hand
 shōu jiǎo to recover (illegally obtained property) / to seize / to capture / to force sb to hand over sth / to levy
 mài lì to work hard / to do one's very best / to throw oneself into the task at hand
 bù kě shōu shí irremediable / unmanageable / out of hand / hopeless
 bào quán to cup one fist in the other hand (as a sign of respect)
 chū nà cashier / to receive and hand over payment / to lend and borrow books
 shǒu bèi back of the hand
 shǒu diàn tǒng flashlight / electric hand torch
 yuán shǒu assistance / a helping hand / to lend a hand
 jiāo qián to pay up / to shell out / to hand over the money to cover sth
 lǎo shǒu experienced person / an old hand at sth
 jìn zài zhǐ chǐ to be almost within reach / to be close at hand
 shǒu biān on hand / at hand
 sòng jiāo to hand over / to deliver
 hǔ kǒu tiger's den / dangerous place / the web between the thumb and forefinger of a hand
 shǒu liú dàn hand grenade
 jiāo huán to return sth / to hand back
 yī fā bù kě shōu shi things that have happened can hardly be controlled / to get out of hand
 bō nòng to move to and fro (with hand, foot, stick etc) / to fiddle with / to stir up
 zhì shǒu kě rè lit. burn your hand, feel the heat (idiom) / fig. arrogance of the powerful / a mighty figure no-one dares approach / hot (exciting or in favor)
 zhuó shǒu to put one's hand to it / to start out on a task / to set out
 jiǎo jiāo to hand in / to hand over
 shǒu qiān shǒu hand in hand
 qiǎo shǒu skillful hands / dexterous / a dab hand
 yáo shǒu to wave the hand (to say goodbye, or in a negative gesture) / crank handle
 jià qīng jiù shú lit. an easy drive on a familiar path (idiom) / fig. experience makes progress easy / a task that is so familiar one can do it with one's hand tied behind one's back
 mā sa (coll.) to remove (crinkles, dirt) with the palm of the hand
 zhàn shàng fēng to take the lead / to gain the upper hand
 zhǐ fǎ (music) fingering / (TCM) manipulation of acupuncture needles / (keyboard) typing technique / (dance) hand movements / (painting) finger method
 diān liang to weigh in the hand / to consider / to ponder
 shā qīng to put the last hand to (a book, a film etc) / to finalize / to kill-green (a step in the processing of tea leaves)
 dǐ pái cards in one's hand / (fig.) undisclosed strength or information / hidden trump
 zhuā shǒu starting point / mechanical hand / gripper
 tí xié to lead by the hand / to guide / to support
 chì shǒu kōng quán empty hand, empty fist (idiom) / having nothing to rely on / unarmed and defenseless
 fān yún fù yǔ to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another (idiom) / fig. to shift one's ground / tricky and inconstant / to make love
 jiǎo fù to pay / to hand over (tax payment etc)
 fǎn guò lái shuō on the other hand
 shǒu jīn hand towel / handkerchief
 shí zhēn hand of a clock / hour hand
 jiāo juàn to hand in one's examination script
 nòng dào shǒu to get in hand / to get (one's) hands on / to get hold of (in the sense of to acquire)
 xiān shēng duó rén to gain the upper hand by a show of strength
 qí tóu bìng jìn to go forward together (idiom) / to undertake simultaneous tasks / going hand in hand
 rù mù sān fēn written in a forceful hand / penetrating / profound
 shú shǒu skilled person / an experienced hand
 xià zhào to hand down an imperial edict
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