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 guī mó scale / scope / extent / CL:個|个[ge4]
 bǐ lì proportion / scale
 pān dēng to climb / to pull oneself up / to clamber / to scale / fig. to forge ahead in the face of hardships and danger
 bàng see 磅秤 / scale / platform balance / (loanword) pound (unit of weight, about 454 grams)
 chǐ dù scale / yardstick
 lín piàn scale / fish scales
 àn bǐ lì to scale (adj.)
 shǒu bǐ sth written or painted in one's own hand / (of a writer, calligrapher or painter) skill / style / hand / (fig.) style shown in spending money, handling business etc / scale
 liáng biǎo gauge / meter / scale
 yán zhǎn to extend / to stretch out / ductable / to scale / scalable
 lín jiǎ scale / plate of armor
 bǐ lì chǐ scale / architect's scale / engineer's scale
 pān yuè to climb over / to get over (difficulties) / to scale / to surmount
 bàng chèng scale / platform balance
 dēng to scale (a height) / to ascend / to mount / to publish or record / to enter (e.g. in a register) / to press down with the foot / to step or tread on / to put on (shoes or trousers) (dialect) / to be gathered and taken to the threshing ground (old)
 biāo dù scale
 xiǎo xíng small scale / small size
 dà guī mó large scale / extensive / wide scale / broad scale
 gāo wèi high position / eminent status / top job / raised position / upper (limbs) / a high (i.e. local maximum) / high point on scale, high grade, temperature, latitude etc
 dà xīng to go in for something in a big way / to undertake on a large scale
 dà xíng qǐ yè large scale industry / major industry
 dà jǔ (do sth) on a large scale
 guī mó huà going to scale
 dà jì large scale program of lasting importance / project of paramount importance / to think big / annual national audit
 Tiān chèng balance scale / Taiwan pr. [tian1 ping2]
 tān zi booth / vendor's stall / organizational structure / scale of operations
 kè dù marked scale / graduated scale
 chū gé to overstep the bounds of what is proper / to take sth too far / (of a measuring device) to go off the scale
 bō lán zhuàng kuò surging forward with great momentum / unfolding on a magnificent scale
 yīn jiē musical scale
 wǔ yīn five notes of pentatonic scale, roughly do, re, mi, sol, la / five classes of initial consonants of Chinese phonetics, namely: 喉音[hou2 yin1], 牙音[ya2 yin1], 舌音[she2 yin1], 齒音|齿音[chi3 yin1], 唇音[chun2 yin1]
 biàn dì kāi huā to blossom everywhere / to spring up all over the place / to flourish on a large scale
 guī mó jīng jì economies of scale
 wèi cì place (in numbered sequence) / degree on employment scale
 dà yī tǒng unification (of the nation) / large scale unification
 dà xīng tǔ mù to carry out large scale construction
 cǎi bàn to buy on a considerable scale / to purchase / to procure / to stock up
 kuò dà zài shēng chǎn to expand production / to reproduce on an extended scale
 shāng commerce / merchant / dealer / to consult / 2nd note in pentatonic scale / quotient (as in 智商[zhi4 shang1], intelligence quotient)
 yāo to weigh in a balance or on a scale
 wēn biāo temperature scale
 jué role (theater) / to compete / ancient three legged wine vessel / third note of pentatonic scale
 yī lín bàn zhuǎ lit. one scale and half a claw (idiom) / only odd bits and pieces
 gōng palace / temple / castration (as corporal punishment) / first note in pentatonic scale
 yǔ feather / 5th note in pentatonic scale
 zhēng 4th note in pentatonic scale
 zhǐ 4th note in pentatonic scale 五音[wu3 yin1], roughly sol / see also 徵|征[zheng1]
 xiǎo chéng dà jiè lit. to punish a little to prevent a lot (idiom) / to criticize former mistakes firmly to prevent large scale repetition
 Shè shì wēn biāo Celsius (centigrade) temperature scale
 Lǐ kè tè Richter (name) / Charles Francis Richter (1900-1985), US physicist and seismologist, after whom the Richter scale is named
 àn chèng counter scale
 bā jí gōng zī zhì eight grade wage scale (system)
 Bǎi tuán Dà zhàn Hundred Regiments offensive of August-December 1940, a large scale offensive against the Japanese by the communists
 tǐ zhòng jì weighing scale
 qī shēng tones of the musical scale
 qī shēng yīn jiē heptatonic scale
 wǔ shēng yīn jiē pentatonic scale
 zuò dà arrogant / to put on airs / (business etc) to expand / to enlarge / to do sth on a big scale
 liè shì wēn biāo Réaumur temperature scale
 Gǔ dēng bǎo Gutenberg (name) / Johannes Gutenberg (c. 1400-1468), inventor in Europe of the printing press / Beno Gutenberg (1889-1960), German-born US seismologist, coinventor of the Richter magnitude scale
 hé sì yǐ chǐ gōng names of the five notes of the Chinese pentatonic scale, corresponding roughly to do, re, mi, sol, la
 dì zhì nián dài biǎo geological time scale
 dì zhì nián biǎo geological time scale
 gōng shāng jué zhǐ yǔ pre-Tang names of the five notes of the pentatonic scale, corresponding roughly to do, re, mi, sol, la
西 dōng lín xī zhǎo lit. a dragon's scale from the east and a dragon's claw from the west / odds and ends (idiom)
 rùn gé scale of fee payment for a painter, calligrapher or writer
 rè lì xué wēn biāo thermodynamic temperature scale (in degrees Kelvin, measured above absolute zero)
 dēng fēng to climb a mountain / to scale a peak / mountain climbing / mountaineering
 Ruì shì guī mó Richter scale
 biàn zhǐ zhī shēng modified fifth note of the pentatonic scale
 Lài Chāng xīng Lai Changxing (1958-), notorious Xiamen mafia boss involved in large scale corruption and smuggling, extradited from Canada back to China in 2008
 Lǐ shì zhèn jí Richter magnitude scale
 yīn míng names of the notes of a musical scale (e.g. C, D, E or do, re, mi)
 yīn jí a note on a musical scale
鸿 hóng tú dà jì important large scale project
 Pú fú fēng jí Beaufort scale for wind speed
 Hé shēn Heshen (1746-1799), Manchu official of the Qing Dynasty who openly practiced various forms of corruption on a grand scale
 bǐ lì suō xiǎo scale reduction
 guó jì hé shì jiàn děng jí biǎo International Nuclear Event Scale
 xīn jí biǎo salary scale
 lián hé guó kǒu liáng biǎo United Nations ration scale
  scale of assessments
  indicative scale of contributions
  Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
  initial scale of issue / initial issue / initial stock scaling / initial supply
  initial scale of issue / initial issue / initial stock scaling / initial supply
 fēng jí wind scale
 fēng sù biāo chǐ wind scale
  characteristic scale
 mǐn gǎn biāo duó sensitivity scale
  voluntary indicative scale of contributions
  ration scale / ration scales / scale of issue for rations
  domain of scale / domain
 biāo duó biàn huà scale change
  Standard Global Chronostratigraphic Scale
  geomagnetic reversal time scale
  standard scale for reimbursement
  decadal time scale
  horizontal scale
  vertical scale
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