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 fàn wéi range / scope / limit / extent / CL:個|个[ge4]
 guī mó scale / scope / extent / CL:個|个[ge4]
 fú dù width / extent / range / scope
 tián dì field / farmland / cropland / plight / extent
 fèn r degree / extent / allotted share
 fú yuán size (i.e. area) of a country, geographical region or school campus etc / (fig.) scope / extent
 dù to pass / to spend (time) / measure / limit / extent / degree of intensity / degree (angles, temperature etc) / kilowatt-hour / classifier for events and occurrences
 jiè boundary / scope / extent / circles / group / kingdom (taxonomy)
 quán xiàn scope of authority / extent of power / (access etc) privileges
 xiāng dāng equivalent to / appropriate / considerably / to a certain extent / fairly / quite
 yǒu suǒ somewhat / to some extent
 jìn liàng as much as possible / to the greatest extent
 jǐn liàng as much as possible / to the greatest extent
 duō me how (wonderful etc) / what (a great idea etc) / however (difficult it may be etc) / (in interrogative sentences) how (much etc) / to what extent
 zhǎng fú extent of a rise (in prices etc) / amount of increase / growth (typically expressed as a percentage)
 qīng wēi slight / light / trivial / to a small extent
 yǐ zhì to such an extent as to / down to / up to
 yǐ zhì yú down to / up to / to the extent that...
 yǐ zhì down to / up to / to such an extent as to ... / also written 以至於|以至于[yi3 zhi4 yu2]
 diē fú decline (in value) / extent of a drop
 shèn zhì yú so much (that) / even (to the extent that)
 shēng fú extent of an increase / percentage rise
 shèn huò so much so that / to the extent that / even
 jǐn to the greatest extent / (when used before a noun of location) furthest or extreme / to be within the limits of / to give priority to
 yǒu suǒ bù tóng to differ to some extent (idiom)
 duō duō shǎo shǎo to some extent / more or less
 zài mǒu zhǒng chéng dù shàng to a certain extent
使 shǐ yòng shù liàng usage (i.e. extent of use)
 xiǎo fàn wéi small-scale / local / to a limited extent
 jìn xìng displaying fully / developing to the greatest extent
 hǎi bīng miàn jī sea ice extent
  Polar Ice Extent Project
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