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 zhěng lǐ to arrange / to tidy up / to sort out / to straighten out / to list systematically / to collate (data, files) / to pack (luggage)
 bāo zhuāng to pack / to package / to wrap / packaging
 shōu shi to put in order / to tidy up / to pack / to repair / (coll.) to sort sb out / to fix sb
 dǎ bāo to wrap / to pack / to put leftovers in a doggy bag for take-out / to package (computing)
 zhuāng adornment / to adorn / dress / clothing / costume (of an actor in a play) / to play a role / to pretend / to install / to fix / to wrap (sth in a bag) / to load / to pack
 bāo zā to wrap up / to pack / to bind up (a wound)
 duī qì lit. to pile up (bricks) / to pack / fig. to pad out (writing with fancy phrases) / ornate rhetoric
 shōu shù to constrict / to draw tight / to gather (one's thoughts) / to bring to a close / to pack (for a journey)
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