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 fú zhuāng dress / clothing / costume / clothes / CL:身[shen1]
 dǎ ban to decorate / to dress / to make up / to adorn / manner of dressing / style of dress
 zhuāng adornment / to adorn / dress / clothing / costume (of an actor in a play) / to play a role / to pretend / to install / to fix / to wrap (sth in a bag) / to load / to pack
穿 chuān to wear / to put on / to dress / to bore through / to pierce / to perforate / to penetrate / to pass through / to thread
 zhuāng huáng to mount (a picture) / to dress / to adorn / decoration / packaging
 zhuó zhuāng to dress / dress / clothes / outfit
穿 chuān zhuó attire / clothes / dress
穿 chuān dài to dress / clothing
 kàn qí to follow sb's example / to emulate / (of troops etc) to dress (come into alignment for parade formation)
 zhěng duì to dress (troops) / to line up (to arrange in a straight line)
 fú clothes / dress / garment / to serve (in the military, a prison sentence etc) / to obey / to be convinced (by an argument) / to convince / to admire / to acclimatize / to take (medicine) / mourning clothes / to wear mourning clothes
 yì to dress / to wear / to put on (clothes)
 jìng to make up (one's face) / to dress / (of one's dress) beautiful
 hūn shā wedding dress / CL:身[shen1]
 zhuāng bàn to decorate / to adorn / to dress up / to disguise oneself
 xiū shì to decorate / to adorn / to dress up / to polish (a written piece) / to qualify or modify (grammar)
 qí páo Chinese-style dress / cheongsam
 lián yī qún woman's dress / frock / gown
 cǎi pái dress rehearsal
 zhuāng diǎn to decorate / to dress up / to deck
 cháng shān long gown / cheongsam / traditional Asian dress for men or (in Hong Kong) women's qipao
 yáng zhuāng Western-style dress
 xiè zhuāng to remove makeup / (old) to take off formal dress and ornaments
 wǎn lǐ fú evening dress
 shū zhuāng to dress and groom oneself
 pī guà to put on a suit of armor / to put on dress / to wear
便 biàn zhuāng casual dress
 gé lu:3 leather (shoes) / fig. Western dress
便 biàn fú everyday clothes / informal dress / civilian clothes
 nóng zhuāng heavy makeup and gaudy dress
 zhōng zhuāng Chinese dress
 bù xiū biān fú not care about one's appearance (idiom) / slovenly in dress and manner
穿 chuān zhuó dǎ bàn style of dress / one's appearance
 hàn fú traditional Han Chinese dress
 yùn fù zhuāng maternity dress
 lóng páo dragon robe / emperor's court dress
 nán bàn nu:3 zhuāng (of a man) to dress as a woman (idiom)
 qǐ luó beautiful silk fabrics / person in beautiful silk dress
 qí zhuāng yì fú bizarre dress
 cháo fú court dress in former times
 gǔn biān (of a dress etc) border, edging
 shì yǎn audition / dress rehearsal / preview (of a theatrical performance) / dummy run
 shí zhuāng xié dress shoes
 gǎo sù white silk mourning dress
 zhuāng shì to dress up
 wá wa zhuāng baby-doll dress
 bàn zhuāng to dress up and make up (like an actor)
 zhòng xiào mourning dress
 bàn to disguise oneself as / to dress up / to play (a role) / to put on (an expression)
 qí auspicious / propitious / good luck / felicity / euphoria / used for 旗, e.g. in 旗袍, long Chinese dress
 xí (arch.) court dress
 qiàng to stir-fry then cook with sauce and water / to boil food briefly then dress with soy etc / to choke / to irritate (throat etc)
 zhàn unadorned but elegant dress
 lú hempen thread / to dress hemp
 zhuāng shén nòng guǐ lit. dress up as God, play the devil (idiom) / fig. to mystify / to deceive people / to scam
 qiáo zhuāng dǎ bàn to dress up in disguise (idiom) / to pretend for the purpose of deceit
 nóng bright light / warm dress
 zhuā dress the hair
 xiāo yī gàn shí to dress before light and not eat before dark (idiom) / diligently attending to official matters
 tào qún woman's suit / dress worn over a petticoat
 gǔn biān (of a dress etc) border, edging
 jié lift up a dress
 yì sleeve of dress
 kǔn a border or band on the edge of a dress
 yě róng to mold (into seductive shape) / to dress up (usu. derogatory) / to sex up
 pǐn fú costume / ceremonial dress (determining the grade of an official)
 zhèng zhuāng formal dress
 qǐ type of jade ornament for court dress (old)
 kān cài chī fàn , liáng tǐ cái yī eat depending on the dish, cut cloth according to the body (idiom) / to fit the appetite to the dishes and the dress to the figure / to act according to actual circumstances / to live within one's means
穿 chuān zhuó jiǎng jiu smart clothes / particular about one's dress
 tǎn yī to dress in a hurry with part of the body showing
 zhuāng suān kū qióng to dress poorly an plead poverty (even though rich) (idiom)
 biān fú cloth margin / fig. person's appearance / one's dress
 kāi gāo chā slit dress
 nu:3 bàn nán zhuāng (of a woman) to dress as a man (idiom)
  battle dress uniform
  dress uniform
便  service dress
 zhuāng bǎn to decorate / to adorn / to dress up
 hùn edging (of a dress etc) / old variant of 混[hun4]
 zhuāng guo to dress a corpse / shroud
cos c o s (Internet slang) cosplay / to cosplay / to dress up as
 bù lā jí woman's dress (loanword from Russian) / gown
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