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 fú zhuāng dress / clothing / costume / clothes / CL:身[shen1]
 yī fu clothes / CL:件[jian4],套[tao4]
 yī shang clothes
 zhuó zhuāng to dress / dress / clothes / outfit
穿 chuān zhuó attire / clothes / dress
 yī zhuó clothes
 fú clothes / dress / garment / to serve (in the military, a prison sentence etc) / to obey / to be convinced (by an argument) / to convince / to admire / to acclimatize / to take (medicine) / mourning clothes / to wear mourning clothes
 yī clothes / CL:件[jian4] / Kangxi radical 145
 fú fu clothes (baby talk)
 bǔ ding patch (for mending clothes, tires etc) / (software) patch
 yī shēn whole body / from head to toe / single person / a suit of clothes
 miàn liào material for making clothes / CL:塊|块[kuai4]
 shí zhuāng fashion / fashionable clothes
 nu:3 zhuāng women's clothes
西 xī zhuāng suit / Western-style clothes / CL:套[tao4]
 shuì yī night clothes / pajamas
 nán zhuāng men's clothes
西 xī fú suit / Western-style clothes (historical usage)
 qīng yī black clothes / servant (old) / young woman role in Chinese opera, also called 正旦[zheng4 dan4]
穿 chuān yī to wear clothes / clothing
 shèng zhuāng splendid clothes / rich attire / one's Sunday best
 gōng zuò fú work clothes
 wēn bǎo to have enough food and warm clothes / adequately provided
 yī shí clothes and food
 ní cháng nichang, rainbow colored clothes worn by the Eight Immortals 八仙[Ba1 xian1]
 féi dà loose fitting clothes / fat / stout / swelling (of internal organ) / hypertrophy
 chéng yī ready-made clothes
 tiān yī wú fèng lit. seamless heavenly clothes (idiom) / fig. flawless
 huò to mix (ingredients) together / to blend / classifier for rinses of clothes / classifier for boilings of medicinal herbs
 yī jià clothes hanger / clothes rack
 gēng yī to change clothes / to go to the toilet (euphemism)
 mián yī cotton-padded clothes / CL:件[jian4]
 yī guān hat and clothes / attire
便 biàn yī civilian clothes / plain clothes / plainclothesman
 hōng gān jī clothes dryer
穿 shì chuān to try wearing clothes / fitting trial
 yī shì clothes and ornaments
 xíng zhuāng clothes and other items packed for traveling / baggage / luggage
 qiǎng bǎo swaddling clothes / fig. early stage of development / infancy
便 biàn fú everyday clothes / informal dress / civilian clothes
 wēi fú (of a high-ranking official) to wear plain clothes in order to go about incognito
 zhù chóng insect that eats into wood, books, clothes etc / fig. vermin
 jiǎ rén dummy (for crash testing, displaying clothes etc)
 yùn dǒu clothes iron
 bàng chuí wooden club (used to beat clothes in washing)
 fú zhuāng xiù fashion show / clothes show
 dōng yī winter clothes
 jiàn item / component / classifier for events, things, clothes etc
寿 shòu yī burial clothes
 lǐng neck / collar / to lead / to receive / classifier for clothes, mats, screens etc
 Bèi nà tōng Benetton, clothes company
 xiào fú mourning clothes
 yáng fú Western-style clothes
  patient clothes
 yī jiā clothespin / clothes peg
 kōu to dig out / to pick out (with one's fingers) / to carve / to cut / to study meticulously / to lift one's clothes / stingy / miserly
 gōu bamboo frame for drying clothes / bamboo cage
 duō to mend clothes
 chéng to take off one's clothes / naked
 qiān to seize / to pull / to hold up the hem of clothes
绿 hóng nán lu:4 nu:3 young people decked out in gorgeous clothes (idiom)
 yī bù bì tǐ lit. clothes not covering the body (idiom) / fig. poverty-stricken
绿 lu:4 nu:3 hóng nán young people decked out in gorgeous clothes (idiom)
 pī má dài xiào to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻戴孝
 pī má dài xiào to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻帶孝|披麻带孝
 suō yī jié shí to economize on clothes and food / to scrimp and save (idiom)
 hé yī ér wò to lie down to sleep with one's clothes on
西 xī zhuāng gé lu:3 dressed in Western-style clothes / impeccably attired
 yī gōu clothes hook
 chān the front of clothes
 guà hǎo to hang up properly (telephone, picture, clothes etc)
 hōng gān jī clothes dryer
 huàn yī to wash clothes
 zào black / police runners, from the black clothes formerly worn by them
 gù yī second hand clothes
 lěng qì shān warm clothes such as padded jacket to be worn in air conditioning (esp. in Hong Kong)
 cǎi yī colored clothes / motley attire
 dǎo yī to launder clothes by pounding
 qiān variant of 褰, to hold up the hem of clothes / to lift up the skirts
 liàng yī jiā clothes pin
 shài yī shéng zi clothes line
 Huáng dì de xīn yī the Emperor's new clothes (i.e. naked)
 xiàng tǐ cái yī lit. tailor the clothes to fit the body (idiom) / fig. act according to real circumstances
 duǎn dǎ ban shorts / tight-fitting clothes
穿 chuān zhuó jiǎng jiu smart clothes / particular about one's dress
 qiè sì bamboo box for holding books, clothes etc
 qǐ yī beautiful clothes
 féng qióng to sew and mend clothes for a pittance
 yī lu:3 clothes and shoes
 yī shang gōu r clothes hook
 cái zhì to tailor / to make clothes
 bǔ duō to mend clothes
 yī wù fù zhuāng staff clothes
  clothes dryer
 chū hào large-sized (of clothes, shoes) / (old) to give an order / (old) to quit one's job in a store
 yī shí wú yú not having to worry about food and clothes (idiom) / provided with the basic necessities
 pī chuí (of clothes, hair etc) to hang down and cover / to flow down
 tàng dǒu clothes iron
 yī qīn burial clothes
 yī shí wú yōu not having to worry about clothes and food (idiom) / to be provided with the basic necessities
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